Incoming Loginserver downtime

Hello everyone,

We'll be temporarily disabling our login servers to allow essential work to be performed on Old School RuneScape. During the time of the login server being down you will be unable to login to play RuneScape, however if you're already logged in you can carry on playing as per usual.

Thank you for your patience, we'll be updating the news post to keep you updated on the progress of this.

15:13 BST: We're now starting the process of taking login servers offline, if you log out or world hop during this you won't be able to log back in!

15:35 BST: One of the login servers have now been restored, we're now working on the next one!

15:43 BST: Another login server has now been restored, on to the next one!

15:54 BST: And that's another login server restored, and we continue to the next one!

16:02 BST: We're making great progress so far, another login server has been restored, onward to the next one!

16:22 BST: Another one down and we carry on!

16:37 BST: We're getting closer and closer now, another login server is back

16:44 BST: One more to go!

16:54 BST: We've now completed the work, all login servers are back and you're good to go!

The RuneScape Team