International Fight Knights 2

Itís back! The ultimate clash between the international communities of RuneScape returns again. 16 communities must duke it out in the Clan Wars arena to see who has the biggest godsword!

Last year saw a massive number of you fight under your nationís banner and the skirmishes were tremendous indeed. However, it was the Polish community who managed to snatch victory in the end.

This year the battles will take place across a number of weeks, with each community getting a chance to challenge each other. If you want to show that your community has what it takes to crush your opponents, check out the International Fight Knights forum thread for details on the fights and how you can take part in this ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!

This year we are also encouraging clans to find their own fame and glory by arranging battles to show support for their community. If your clan wants to sign up to defend your community, go to the Fight Knight Clans thread.

Mod Karolina & Mod Crow
Jagex Community Management

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