International Fight Knights Wallpaper

The much anticipated prize for the International Fight Knights Tournament has arrived! If you were part of the Polish team or took part in the tournament and want something to remember it by, we've added a 'Fight Knights' wallpaper to the Downloads and Wallpapers section to commemorate the win. Enjoy!

Just to refresh your memories, over 7,000 players from 12 communities took part in this tournament. After many battles, the Polish team triumphed to win the first International Fight Knights Tournament. Second place went to the Belgian/Dutch team and third place to the Finnish team.

For more information on this tournament or to find out about future events in the multi-language communities, visit the localised forums. To do so, simply click on the flags at the top-left corner of the English forums. If you missed out on this event, don’t worry, the Jagex Cup will take place soon enough.

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