Introducing Het's Oasis

Introducing Het's Oasis

A mysterious earthquake has destroyed the Duel Arena! The once proud structures lie in ruins around Het’s Tomb and the desert winds whistle through the barren remains.

Icthlarin is investigating, sent there by Seren to gain a powerful object from the ruins that could help the young Gods in the Elder God Wars Dungeon. But what secrets lie amidst these ancient sands?

If you want to find out, first you’ll have to pitch in – we need your help transforming this arid desert wasteland into Het’s Oasis!

From January 4th, we’re inviting you to join in with Oasis Restoration, a two-week temporary event that will bring a whole new area springing to life. By completing daily tasks, you’ll turn the former ruins into a place of plenty – and harvest some red hot, desert-themed goodies!

This exciting new space will be a buzz of activity where you’ll be able to employ three new skilling methods for rewards and XP – and embark on two new miniquests in the Elder God Wars saga!

Oasis Restoration (Limited Time Event)

It all kicks off with our two-week restoration event where you’ll be clearing up the shattered Duel Arena to create a glistening desert paradise. The centrepiece of the event is the Community Chest, where players can unlock both individual and community rewards by completing tasks or participating in permanent skilling activity around the Oasis.


Het’s Oasis features two new permanent miniquests which continue the current Elder God Wars narrative: 'Eye of Het I' and 'Eye of Het II'. The first miniquest is available from day one of the update, and the second at the start of week two, on January 10th.


There will be three new skilling methods you can partake in around Het’s Oasis from day one, and they’re all permanent solo content:

  • A new Agility Course, in which you’ll traverse the rubble of the ruined Duel Arena.
  • A new Hunter method, where you control a crocodile that swims around the oasis catching Scarabs.
    • There are six new Scarabs to find, each requiring a higher Hunter level.
    • The Hunter Scarabs are customisable: players can individually change them to suit their Hunter level by storing flowers in various spots around the Oasis.
    • A new Farming method, where you passively tend to flower bushes and harvest new types of flowers.
  • There are five new flowers, and four different bushes (each requiring a higher Farming level).



Eye of Het I awards the player with a Medium XP Lamp.

Eye of Het II awards the player with a Medium XP Lamp and a new Archaeology Relic that increases the HP recovered when consuming food and drink!

Oasis Restoration (Limited Time Event)

In return for helping out with the clean-up session you’ll get new cosmetic items, as well as a drop enhancer for the Elder God Wars Dungeon.

These cosmetic items are obtainable from the Community Chest:

  • 'Of the Ruination' title
  • Desert-themed cosmetic armour override set "Warrior of Het"
  • Gators (cosmetic shoe override)
  • Crocodile pet 'Chomper'

Here’s how the drop enhancer works:

  • Players can gather drop enhancer fragments by skilling from the oasis activities.
  • Ten fragments can then be combined to make an inactive Drop Enhancer.
  • The inactive drop enhancer is tradeable, or can be turned into the untradeable active version.
  • When worn, players will have a 10% increased chance of finding unique drops from bosses in the EGWD! This applies to unique drops only, not normal drops – and only from the bosses.
  • All drop enhancers are removed at the end of the event.


Holy Scarab familiar

The new Hunter Scarabs drop Scarab Shells (a total of six), which can be used to craft a new Summoning familiar – the Holy Scarab.

  • Crafting Requirements: 5 Scarab Shells, Green Charm, 154 Spirit Shards, Pouch
  • Skill Requirements: 80 Summoning

A couple of things to note:

  • When summoned, Prayer points drain more slowly.
  • Its special move is Bone Conjure – the Scarab will add a random bone to your inventory.

Prayer Powders

The Scarab Shells can also be ground down into new Prayer Powders. These are consumable objects which can be scattered around the player to give 30-minute boosts to specific defensive and healing prayers.

  • Powder of Defence: provides an additional +2 defence boost when using Thick Skin / Rock Skin / Steel Skin prayers.
  • Powder of Protection: boosts damage protection to 60% when using Protect From / Deflect From prayers.
  • Powder of Item Protection: protect one extra item when using the Protect Item prayer.
  • Powder of Pulverising: grinds all bones in your inventory when using the Ectofuntus.
  • Powder of Burials: boosts Prayer XP to 250% when burying bones.
  • Powder of Penance: restores Prayer points equal to 2.5% of damage received.


The new flowers can be used in Player-Owned Farm beehives to make another item – Honeycomb. They can be fed to farm animals to increase their chances of producing offspring with a specific trait.

  • Fertile Honeycomb: boosts breeding chance.
  • Candied Honeycomb: a high chance that offspring will have the Joyful trait.
  • Nutritious Honeycomb: a high chance that the offspring will have the Immune trait.
  • Moreish Honeycomb: a high chance that the offspring will have multiple traits.
  • Shimmering Honeycomb: a high chance that the offspring will be Shiny.


Only members can engage with the content. However, F2P players are welcome to visit the updated area and take a look around.

Skill levels

Agility - Level 65

Farming - Level 30/50/70/90

Hunter - Level 1/30/50/70/90


Eye of Het I miniquest – requires City of Senntisten and 65 Agility

Eye of Het II miniquest – requires Eye of Het I

Ready? Mark your calendars and join us in the sand on January 4th for a new era of desert-based delights! Be quick, because this special event will run for two weeks only, ending on January 16th at 23:59 GMT.

- The RuneScape Team

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