Jagex Cup Winners Ė 2011

After an exciting month of furious fighting, explosive XP gain and cunning clan management, the results are in. Letís hear it for the winners of the Jagex Clan Cup 2011!

First off is the Combat Cup. It was a closely fought category, but when the dust settled and the ring of dragon claws upon chaotic rapiers finally fell silent, it was RuneScape Dinasty who remained standing.

Next up is the Skilling Cup, which was won with adaptability, organisation and the time-honoured application of spit and elbow grease by Divination.

The victors of the Combined Cup, who proved their ability to dominate Stealing Creation with a deft combination of combat and non-combat skills, were Family Unity Network.

Congratulations to the winners of these three main categories, whose clan names will be emblazoned upon the plaque outside of Lumbridge Castle, or behind the Clan Wars and Soul Wars portals.

Thatís not to forget the following sub-category winners, whose recruitment threads will be stickied for a month:

  • Under 90 Combat: Titans Revolution
  • 91-114 Combat: Natural Born Killers
  • 115+ Combat: RuneScape Dinasty
  • Community: Titans Revolution
  • 20v20 F2P: Cheer Up
  • 20v20 P2P: Wicked Fury

The year of clans has been packed with great content, including a mind-melting Cryptic Clue Fest and the magnificent Clan Citadels. Thereís more to do as a clan than ever before, and it really shows in the standard of skill and co-operation that weíve seen in this yearís competition.

Of course, it couldnít happen without the efforts and enthusiasm of our community. Huge thanks to everyone who took part, making this yearís Clan Cup the best yet. We canít wait for next yearís competition, which is set to be even bigger and better than before!

Coming up in this monthís newsletter is a blog, including our insights into the events of the Clan Cup and a sneak look at what went into organising the competition.

To discuss the announcement of the Jagex Clan Cup winners, visit this thread.

Mod Timbo & Mod Kathy

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