Jagex Terms Update - July 14th 2021

Hello 'Scapers,

We wanted to let you know about some updates to our Terms that are now live as of July 14th 2021.

We care about ensuring any changes are easy to find, so you can use the list below to check out where we've made some updates.

  • Terms & Conditions
    • General: Updated wording to ensure the T&Cs cover current and future titles (ie. Space Punks)
    • Section 5: New content on Anti Cheat Technologies and added detail on Chat Monitors
    • Section 6: Recognition that games can be played via third-party platforms (such as Steam and other gaming platforms) and enhanced restrictions on the use of accounts
    • Section 7: Added further restrictions on the use of virtual currency
    • Section 10: New provisions for 'Must Nots' under our Content Standards Policy
    • Section 13: Reworked the 'Bonds' section
    • Section 15: Added a new section on third-party software
  • End User License Agreement
    • General: Updated wording to make the EULA cover current and future titles (ie. Space Punks)
  • Privacy Policy
    • General: Updated to reflect the new Brazilian privacy laws (LGPD)

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is provided as a guide only. Please ensure you read the full version of the linked EULA, Privacy Policy and T&Cs articles.

Thanks so much for playing,


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