January Sale | Starts Early – Today!

The Solomon's Store January Sale has arrived early, and it's the perfect time to treat yourself to an outfit, animation or emote to help you stand out from the crowd.

Head to the store now to browse the deals – up to 75% off!

The sale ends on the 17th of January, when a number of items will also be leaving the store. Make sure you pick up these beauties before then:

  • Skypouncer
  • Blazehound
  • Colossus Armour
  • Veteran Colossus Armour
  • Behemoth Armour
  • Veteran Behemoth Armour
  • Greater Demonflesh Armour
  • Paradox Wings
  • Butterfly Wings
  • Pegasus Teleport
  • Infernal Teleport
  • Brutal Whip
  • Brutal Longsword
  • Brutal Rapier
  • Brutal Claws
  • Brutal Crossbow
  • Brutal Club

Please note: the brutal weapons will go on sale slightly later than the other items – up to two days after. If you’ve got your eye on those, hang on for the discount!

Happy Holidays

We hope it's been an awesome festive season so far. Roll on a very happy new year!

The RuneScape Team