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Join the Old School Team

May 13 2014
Join the Old School Team

That's right, due to the continued success of Old School, the Old School team is expanding. You now have the opportunity to work alongside Mods Alfred, Ash, John C, Mat K, Reach and Weath as a Junior Community Engagement Specialist.

So, what is a Community Engagement Specialist? Well, you will be the person who will be responsible for making sure the community gets what it wants.

You need to always be talking to the community to understand what they want and make sure everyone else in the team knows too. If someone has an idea about the future of Old School, the first thing that goes through your mind should be, "is this what the community wants?"

When you wake up in the morning you should be checking your Twitter account before that first cup of tea!

Not only are you responsible for making sure everyone knows what the community wants, you will also be responsible for engaging with the community. You will need to be able come up with cool events and competitions to keep the community engaged and be able to pitch the ideas to the rest of the team. You will need to ensure communication with the community remains high as well as making sure every member of the Old School team has everything it needs to engage directly with them.

The success of Old School is its community and this role is pivotal in ensuring this success continues.

To find out more about the job, visit Jagex.com.

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