Just one week to go!

There’s around a week left until our RuneFest Gallery competition comes to an end. We’ve already had some fantastic entries but we’re still hungry for more!

This gallery competition is themed around anything to do with this year’s RuneFest. With so much going on at RuneFest your artwork could be about anything or in any style! Your artwork could be about the 10 year anniversary of RuneScape, it could be a celebration of all things clans, it could be the titanic NPC battle you’d love to see occur in the gaming area or it could even be a terrifying macabre collection of the living dead to reference the Halloween party. The choice is yours!

Your artwork can be of any format, be it a painting, a photo, a cake, a sculpture, a wood carving or a clay model. Whatever craft you use we want to see your best work! You can check out last year’s entries for inspiration and ideas.

We’ve got loads of space for your brilliant artwork in our RuneFest gallery, held in the heart of London, where your work will be on display for the world to see! We’ll also chuck in a month of membership cos we’re nice like that.

Just be sure to send us your entry by the 14th September to ‘gallery@jagex.com' so we can check it out ready for RuneFest. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you’d like to see the epic artwork on display at this year’s RuneFest then grab yourself a ticket at www.RuneFest.com.

Mod Crow
Community Team

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