Combat Beta Update #5

Combat Beta Update #5

The combat team are really ramping up the pace with some refinements to the recent beta branch!

Last update players had felt the changes were a bit to far in one direction so we are putting some more power back into critical strikes and adrenaline gain, when trying to find the sweet spot for a numerical change it is often better to take a big swing initially to define the high and low ends as this will give you a clearer view of the range being worked with.

This beta is aimed to be a release candidate so there are going to continue to be these adjustments till they are just right, please continue to give constructive feedback and outline your experiences with these changes.

How to access the beta

Ready to give the Beta a try? Here’s how:

  • Jagex Launcher
  • Click this link.
  • The link will load the Jagex launcher then start loading the Beta, logging you in automatically.
  • Non Jagex Launcher

On first login, your live save is imported into the Beta. You can re-import your save into the Beta once per hour.

To Revert back to Live, from Beta:

  • Jagex Launcher Users:
    • Close the clients you're using.
    • Right-click the Jagex Launcher icon on your taskbar
    • Click "Exit"
    • Wait a few seconds.
    • Load the Jagex Launcher from your start menu normally.
  • For Non-Jagex Launcher Users:
    • Close the clients you're using.
    • Reload the client as per normal.

How do I give feedback?

With the aim of this patch being refinement before launch we are asking people to focus their feedback on how the systems feel compared to currently on live, there will be plenty of time in future for bigger picture ideas but right now we want to set a solid foundation for the other styles like Necromancy currently has. Are your slayer tasks taking longer then normal? Are bosses flowing differently? How do you feel about the visual information you are getting from your tooltips and buffs etc

Once you have played around with the changes for a bit and have some feedback you want to share please do so via the following:

If you are talking about the changes in other places like streams, twitter etc we will endeavour to hear from you all but using the above channels will be the easiest place to have your voice heard!

What is changing/patch notes

With the last beta, we pulled multiple levers all at once to tone down the amount of power being introduced.

In this update we've addressed those points further based on the data and your feedback. As always please let us know if you have any feedback.

Critical Strike Damage

"In the last beta patch, critical strikes felt a little too underwhelming; getting a crit on a low-damage roll would put you just above your max hit, so we're putting a bit of the previously removed power back into crits. "


  • Changed critical strike damage formula across all styles
    • Level 90: 35% → 50%
  • Adjusted the damage of guaranteed critical strike abilities such as Shadow Tendrils and Smoke Tendrils to take into account their extra guaranteed damage.

Critical Strike Adrenaline Buff

"Reducing the adrenaline from critical strike effects such as Tsunami, left players a bit high and dry, we're upping the adrenaline gained, which with the base critical strike chance and higher critical strike damage should make 'pop off' moments a bit more impressive."


  • Increased the adrenaline gain from the critical strike buff from Meteor Strike, Incendiary Shot, and Tsunami
    • 6% → 8%


"Fury struggled as a 'noob trap' ability due to its weak build up and short cooldown, so we've brought it more in line with Greater Fury."


  • Fury now hits once and is no longer a channeled ability
    • Amended its damage to account for this
      • AVG Damage: 110%
      • Increases the Critical Strike chance of your next melee ability by 10%
    • Cooldown: 5.4s → 15s

Greater Fury

"With the previous beta iteration, we re-added the variance to Greater Fury. Players expressed they preferred it being a consistent source of critical strikes, so we're reinstating this, but increasing its cooldown to make sure it's used where it counts, and to reduce it's overall impact on melee.."


  • Increases the Critical Strike chance of your next melee ability by 25% → Your next melee ability within 15s is guaranteed to Critically Strike
  • Cooldown: 5.4s → 15s


"We're making lengs a little more frosty. Players expressed the new special was making them feel a little adrenaline-starved versus live hurricane, whilst we don't think Lengs should outright generate adrenaline, we can reduce their costs and push players more towards a flurry of hits playstyle"


  • Primordial ice is now stored on the player (Was previously stored target)
  • Primordial ice now reduces the cost of icy tempest by 6% per stack
  • Primordial ice max stacks: 20 → 10

Bow of the Last Guardian

"With previous changes to the darkbow and its special attack, the bow of the last guardian felt slightly underwhelming versus the live game, we're adding back some of that power."


  • Balance by Force: AVG damage 200% → 245%
  • Perfect Equilibrium: Stored damage % 30% → 35%

Wen Arrows

"Wen arrows were a bit too complex and a little too underpowered to make them viable anywhere, we're simplifying them to make them a better option when players need a hitchance boosting ammo. Note: This is still work in progress so may be prone to bugs/issues."


  • Special abilities now also consume 'Icy Chill'
    • Updated the base damage and hit chance increase for each 'Icy Precision' stack
    • Threshold abilities - 2% → 3%
    • Ultimate abilities - 3% (unchanged)
    • Special abilities - 0% → 3%

Quest Bosses

"With the changes to damage potential from the last beta combined with high defences, several quest bosses were extremely tanky. We've increased your hit chance against them and upped their HP to compensate, making these fights a smoother experience."


  • Increased the base hit chance of all the following bosses to use the standard base hitchances.
    • As an example 'Bouncer' had a 10 base hit chance when fought with magic, this has been increased to the standard 45.

    Treus Drayth - Haunted Mine

    • HP: 5000 -> 9450

    Chronozon - Family Crest

    • HP: 6000 -> 13150
    • Dominion Tower HP: 12000-> 13150
    • Dominion Tower Rumble Mode: 24000 -> 26250

    The Everlasting - Dream Mentor

    • HP: 18000-> 19150
    • Dominion Tower HP: 13400 -> 19150

    The Untouchable - Dream Mentor

    • HP: 15000 -> 16000
    • Dominion Tower HP: 10000-> 16000

    Pest Queen - Void Stares Back

    • HP: 50000-> 51200
    • Dominion Tower HP: 100000-> 102500

    Nezikchened - Legends Quest

    • HP: 15000-> 20800
    • Dominion Tower HP: 20000-> 20800

    Barrelchest - The Great Brain Robbery

    • The Great Brain Robbery HP: 25000-> 30200
    • Dominion Tower HP: 14000/20000 → 22850

    Barrelchest - Pieces of Hate

    • Pieces of Hate HP: 15000-> 16000

    Black Knight Titan - Holy Grail

    • HP: 4000-> 13200

    Bouncer - Fight Arena

    • HP: 5500 → 13150
    • Dominion Tower HP: 5500 → 13150

    Bouncer - The Generals Shadow

    • HP: 6500 → 14550

    TokTz-Ket-Dill - TokTz-Ket-Dill

    • HP: 10000-> 21000

    Elvarg - Dragon Slayer

    • HP: 15000 → 21000
    • Dominion Tower HP: 15000/9000 → 21000

    General Khazard - Fight Arena

    • HP: 6000 → 13150
    • Dominion Tower HP: 9000 → 13150

    General Khazard - Ritual of the Mahjarrat

    • HP: 45000 → 56100
    • Dominion Tower HP: 45000 → 56100

    Giant General Khazard - Fight Arena

    • Fight Arena HP: 6000 → 13150

    Nial Swiftling - Glorious Memories

    • HP: 5800 → 10050
    • Dominion Tower HP: 5800 → 10050

    Melzar the Mad - Dragon Slayer

    • HP: 1400 → 2250
    • Dominion Tower HP: 2800 → 4500

    Barrelchest MK II - A Clockwork Syringe

    • HP: 30000-> 35050

    Fairy Godfather - A Fairy Tale Part 3

    • HP: 6000 -> 10500

    Evil Spirit - Rum Deal

    • HP: 2000 -> 6500

    Glod - Grim Tales

    • HP: 12000 -> 21000

    Damis - Desert Treasure

    • Damis HP: 20000 → 26250

    Fareed - Desert Treasure

    • HP: 20000 → 26250

    Kamil - Desert Treasure

    • HP: 21000 → 26250

    Dessous - Desert Treasure

    • HP: 25000 → 26250

    TzHaar-Ket-Yit'tal - The Elder Kiln

    • HP: 7500 -> 35050



  • Fixed an issue where using the Seren Godbow special attack 'Crystal Rain' on blocked NPCs wouldn't work as expected
  • Fixed a number of issues with Magic ability animation priorities.

- Mods Ryan, Sponge & Pigeon

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