Forestry: Part Two - Axe Overview

Forestry: Part Two - Axe Overview

We’re here to discuss the future of the Two-Handed Axe, ready for Forestry: Part Two.

Next Steps - 25th Sept

Thanks for taking part in our recent survey on the Two-Handed Axe. Today we'd like to update you on some changes we're making following your feedback.

The use of Run Energy as a mechanic for the Two-Handed Axe was something we were pretty excited about as Run Energy is rarely used outside of, well, running! It's clear from your feedback that it felt out of place within Woodcutting and slightly overdesigned or convoluted. Although we tried our best to clear up any confusion about the upkeep required for the 2H Axe on our livestream, we still see your concerns about this mechanic. In light of this feedback, we're going to remove Run Energy from the Two-Handed Axe.

The Two-Handed Axe will still require a trade-off to account for the additional XP, as otherwise it'll make existing Axes redundant. The trade-off is that you'll instead need to stock up on Rations to gain the full effects of the Two-Handed Axe. These will still work exactly the same and the changes we've made to creating rations shared further down in this newspost will be implemented. Alongside this, we're going to reduce the extra experience received to 10% which works out the same experience per hour as you'll now gain the benefit on every action, rather than an average of every other action.

We will also be raising the price of the Felling Axe Handle from 6,000 to 10,000 Anima-Infused Bark as further adjustment to balancing the Two-Handed Axe. The team hopes these changes will make using the axe better for everyone and we hope you look forward to acquiring one for yourself, with the launch of Forestry: Part Two.


Let's start with creation, once you've acquired 10,000 Anima-Infused Bark and 500 Oak Logs (Noted), you'll be able to purchase a Felling Axe Handle. This reward will let you craft a Two-Handed Axe by combining it with any of the following axes: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, Dragon, Crystal and 3rd Age.

While this process is irreversible, both the Felling Axe Handle and all of the Two-Handed Axes are tradeable via the Grand Exchange.

Once you've got your Axe and the required level to use it (the same as the current Axe Tiers), you can get to chopping! The Two-Handed Axe will chop at the same speed as your regular one, but the benefit of this mighty axe will allow you to gain more experience whilst gathering fewer logs.

This benefit uses a Forester's Ration per 'successful' chop (whenever you receive a log), and you'll receive 20% more experience for each 'successful' hit of the tree, with a 20% chance not to gain a log. Rations are automatically consumed when chopping and stored in your Forestry Kit so you don't need to worry about gobbling them up yourself! Also, you're still able to chop with the Two-Handed Axe even if you don't have Rations, you just won't gain the benefits.


One of the biggest pieces of feedback surrounding the Axe was how rations were not worth gathering because of the crafting progress being too tedious and time consuming, especially given how much time you'd get for your time creating these tasty treats.

We want to make sure you have a much better time making these rations, so our first change means you'll now be able to use any type of cooked fish in order to create rations, alongside the normal cooked meat method.

Secondly, we've changed the scaling of Rations created dependent on the cooked fish and leaf type, hopefully giving some more uses out of the leaves collected from trees! Combining a fish/piece of cooked meat with a leaf will give you a different amount of rations based on its tier, let's take a look.

  • Normal Leaves: 2 Rations
  • Oak Leaves: 4 Rations
  • Willow Leaves: 6 Rations
  • Maple Leaves: 8 Rations
  • Yew Leaves: 10 Rations
  • Magic Leaves: 12 Rations

That's just the base level of each leaf, but depending on what tier of fish you use with the leaves will also give you an extra benefit:

  • Level 1 - 33 Fish: 1x Rations
  • Level 34 - 69 Fish or Cooked Meat: 2x Rations
  • Level 70 - 99 Fish: 3x Rations

This means if you're creating rations from Oak Leaves and a Cooked Herring you'd create 4 Rations with each interaction, but if you're creating rations from Magic Leaves & Cooked Shark you'd create a whopping 36 Rations each time.

At the very highest tier, per inventory you'd make 972 Rations, which should be more than enough for a couple hours of tree chopping! Hopefully, these changes will make the Two-Handed Axe less daunting to use, as we understand this is something new we're trying out.

We believe it was important to have a trade-off considering the Axe gives you more experience and will bring in fewer logs into the game which is a massive benefit for players in terms of the time you'll spend chopping.

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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