Gift of Guthix Novel Available Now

Gift of Guthix Novel Available Now

The first of three new novels from our partner Titan Books hits retailers around the world this week! RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix is written by Erin M Evans.

Gift of Guthix

Asgarnia’s fate hangs in the balance. Disparate tribes unite under the banner of Lord Raddallin, and his enemies look on in fear and hatred. Raddallin’s advisors – an uneasy alliance of Black and White Knights – whisper of a discovery in the North that will give them the power to change everything.

Caught in the midst of history, a lowly scribe and the son of a Jarl hold the fate of Raddallin’s new kingdom in their hands.

From the glorious inauguration of King Raddallin’s reign to the expulsion of the Zamorakians from Asgarnia, The Gift of Guthix tells an epic tale of the origin of magic, the plight of civil war, and the crushing defeat of the Fremennik Great Invasion. Amongst plots and betrayals, a penitent turncoat waits for her moment to leap into the unknown.

Get your copy now either online or from local bookstores. The Titan website has a full list of retailers around the world.

If you want a sneak peak, you can catch the opening pages below.

Click on each image to enlarge them.

The Fall of Hallowvale

A second novel, RuneScape: The Fall of Hallowvale, written by Robbie McNiven, will be released on November 5th later this year.

The city of Hallowvale has stood for centuries, a realm of light safeguarded by winged protectors and the Everlight. But all that will soon change. As the millennia-spanning God Wars grind towards their brutal conclusion, the armies of darkness descend upon the shining city - vampyres, werewolves, and legions of cruel mortal warriors, led by the cunning and malicious Lord Drakan.

The streets are filled with panic, but Queen Efaritay remains confident. Surely Saradomin, Lord of the Light, will save them? Their military will delay the foe until he arrives, the Queen has a secret weapon at her disposal and, if all else fails, the glow of the Everlight will stave off the blood-drinking vyre.

Can the knightly warriors defending Hallowvale stand firm, or will they be undone not by the wicked efforts of their foe, but by the faltering reign of their queen, Efaritay? And why has Drakan become obsessed with claiming Hallowvale for himself?

Faced with desperate choices, the queen adopts a risky strategy to turn the tide. Her choices will echo for eternity as the fate of Hallowvale teeters on the brink.

RuneScape: The Fall of Hallowvale is available to pre-order now from online retailers and local bookstores. Again, Titan books has a full list of pre-sale retailers on their website. Pre-order your copy today!

A third novel is planned for publication in 2025 – so look forward to more exciting news soon!

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