RuneScape Mobile Release - Rolling Updates

Update: 15:00 Game Time (17/06/2021)

Hello 'Scapers,

We will shortly be releasing another, small Android update as part of our final preparations for our official launch later today. This new Update will be required to play, and we'll let you know as soon as it's available so you can start your download.

As part of this update, our Android Open Beta will finally come to an end. If you were a Beta participant, you'll be asked to re-download the game in order to be in sync with future updates for RuneScape.

Nothing about your experience will change or be impacted by the switchover - however, any reviews left before yesterday's release are unfortunately not carried over to the game. We saw so many great reviews that clearly had a lot of effort put into them during the Beta program, and we hope to see your thoughts on the final release in our reviews too (which you can do anytime after downloading this new update). Thank you so much for all the feedback, praising and constructive, throughout the Beta.

As we close in on the official launch, we also want to say a quick thank you to everyone who joined us early over the last 20 hours or so. The scale of players entering the game has been mindblowing, and we can't wait to welcome more of you over the weekend now that these early issues are resolved. We'll see you in Burthorpe!

The RuneScape Team

Update: 9:00 Game Time (17/06/2021)

Overnight, we have worked with our partners at Google to enable more capacity for simultaneous Google Account logins during periods of high demand. This should result in no further disruptions for logins associated to Google Accounts.

While most issues have been mitigated at this time, we'll be continuing to work on further improvements based on yesterday's learnings. We'll keep you updated with any further releases.

Update: 22:15 Game Time (16/06/2021)

With the release of our Android update and mitigation for the loading issues this evening, we've seen a notable reduction in the volume of issues encountered on Mobile.

We've also just released a hotfix to address instances where players can get stuck on the Character Creation process. If you were stuck in this spot, please retry now.

Our team will now take the time to regroup and continue tomorrow to further eliminate these issues, which will make this our last update for this evening. Thanks again for your patience.

Update: 21:00 Game Time (16/06/2021)

We have no major updates to share for this hourly update. Our team are continuing to actively work on the issues. We're seeing improved results from the steps we've taken to mitigate loading and cache issues, but we're still working on the root cause. Thanks ever so much for the continued patience - we'll provide another update in an hour.

Update: 19:40 Game Time (16/06/2021)

A new Android Client Update is now available. Please download this update from the Google Play Store if you are experiencing issues - this may resolve or reduce them. We still highly recommend allowing your cache to load fully in the lobby before playing.

We have also implemented some temporary steps to help improving loading and cache issues. Initial results have improved load times, but work is still ongoing to fully resolve the situation.

Original Update: 19:00 Game Time (16/06/2021)

We've been blown away by the amount of people downloading RuneScape on Mobile. Unfortunately however, due to the large quantity of people downloading the app we're experiencing some issues that may cause slow loading or login issues.

To help tackle these issues, please wait for the cache to fully download on the Lobby Screen. We're continuing work to fix the root cause of the issue and will share more as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience!

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