Keldagrim - The Dwarven City

Long has the ancient dwarven capital of Keldagrim remained hidden beneath the mountains, away from the tumultuous wars of gods and humans, sheltered against the menace of the trolls. But for the past few centuries the dwarven economy has been flourishing under the guidance of the Consortium. Doing away with kings and monarchies, the Consortium is a group of mining companies that rules the dwarven realm. Now, Keldagrim even welcomes humans again!

Apart from the general hustle and bustle of the dwarven capital, you will find many of the things you would expect in a vast city like Keldagrim. New items in shops, new types of guards, new marketstalls to thieve from, and much more! The city also introduces the player to new minitasks. Either run errands for the different mining companies to earn their favour, or help out different citizens all around Keldagrim. Get them the items they need in time and they might even have a thing or two to teach you about them as well!

The city also introduces the first part of a new multipart quest, the Rise of the Red Axe! It kicks off with The Giant Dwarf... who, or indeed, what is The Giant Dwarf? Find out by going to the city, but make sure you enter it on high-detail mode for full effect!

To see all of this, visit the boatman in the caves east of Rellekka and north of the mountain camp. Just follow the dwarven statues until you get to the underground river. Too far to walk every time? Don't worry, once you've visited the city you will be allowed to use the dwarves' steam powered cart network! That's right, apart from all of the above, Keldagrim also introduces ridable mine carts.

So hurry over right now and see everything the new dwarf city has to offer!

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