Kennith's Concerns

As ever, there are strange occurrences afoot in the slug-riddled town of Witchaven. Kennith, the odd little boy with a (justified) aversion to sea slugs, is convinced that the townsfolk are up to no good in the caverns beneath the town and he is looking for a brave adventurer with a talent for Mining to investigate.

Could it be that the sea slugs are looking to get revenge for the events of Slug Menace? Or is there some new threat looming large over Witchaven? How does Kennith's new friend, Kimberly, fit into all of this? You will need all of your wits, digging talents and sneaking abilities to find out.

Along the way, players can expect to reunite with Ezekial Lovecraft, all round man-in-the-know, in an effort to outwit the horde of secretive villagers who are determined to keep their great 'work' a surprise. You may even be introduced to an extremely volatile new kind of ore. One thing is for certain: not everything is what it seems in Witchaven...


Where to start Kennith's Concerns

Talk to Kennith in Witchaven.


Slug Menace
A Mining level of 46

Access to:

The mines under Witchaven
Ability to mine and sell a volatile new ore
Access to a repeatable mini-task

In other news...

We've added a feature that allows you to keep an eye on the remaining charges of your crystal saw. You will now be able to track how much the crystal seed has drained when used for Construction.

Several sound effects have been added or improved in areas of RuneScape: from creaky doors and creature sound effects to travelling sounds and swords clanging against armour.

Tokkul and obsidian drops have been fixed and will once again drop for those Lootsharing while fighting TzHaar creatures.

Finally, you'll be pleased to know that the Kill Count in the God Wars Dungeon should correctly update when using CoinShare.