Key Update & Seaweed

Key Update & Seaweed

Key Update & Seaweed

This week we've got an exciting quality of life update that will save you bank space and time. We've also got a buff for the nets found in Piscatoris!

Key Examine Information

95 keys throughout Old School now have examine options describing their purpose. Rather than playing a guessing game to try and find out which key is for what, you are now able to simply examine a key to solve the mystery of where it is used!

Piscatoris Nets

The nets found inside Piscatoris which can be searched for seaweed have received a buff. It now takes 3 seconds for the seaweed to respawn in these nets rather than the usual 15 - 21 seconds.

HP Skill Guide Update

The Hitpoints skill guide now includes a list of food and how many Hitpoints each type of food heals. If you've ever wondered what the best food for you is, wonder no more!

In other news...

Quality of Life/Other updates

  • We have made a change to the way that NPCs decide whether they retreat or retaliate to help prevent some unwanted behaviour where NPCs neither retaliate nor retreat. In particular, this affects how monsters such as Callisto and Vet'ion will behave when lured to the limits of their wander range. This change applies to all monsters with long range attacks throughout Old School.
  • Wearing a max cape or max cape hood now allows you entry into the Crafting & Cooking guilds.

  • Bugfixes

  • Marrentill is now spelled correctly when making Guthix rest tea.
  • Prevented access to Count Draynor's crypt whilst skulled in Deadman mode.
  • The Black kiteshield (h2) now alchemises for the correct value.
  • Fixed a typo in the Ranged guilds armour salesman's dialogue.
  • Prevented the hitpoints skillcape perk and rapid restore prayer from draining hitpoints at double the usual rate if boosted above max.
  • Added a members check to Elysian spirit shield effect.
  • Filtered game messages when drinking Sanfew Serum.
  • The Makeover option on Yrsa now instantly opens the menu, rather than initiating dialogue.
  • The boost option has been re-added to the Agility skillcapes.
  • Completing the hard Lumbridge diary now correctly provides unlimited cabbage teleports if you’ve used your daily limit before completing the diary on the same day.

  • We have some exciting plans for the future of Deadman mode and today we will be sharing these plans with you. We want to know what you think to be sure that the direction we take Deadman mode is one that the community is behind. Join us at 5pm GMT on the RuneScape Twitch Channel for the Old School developer Q&A where we will be discussing the future of Deadman mode!

    If you have any questions you would like to see answered by the Old School team, send a tweet to @JagexArchie containing your question.

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    The Old School Team