King of the Dwarves

"No band of petty councillors can preserve this city through its darkest days — only a king."

Those are the words of the Azdaran Fragment, the oldest surviving document in the history of Keldagrim. Keldagrim’s Age of Kings came to an end centuries ago, and even the last king’s statue now bears the face of one of Keldagrim’s current rulers, the Consortium of Mining Companies. But there are still those who would see a return to the Age of Kings — and even more who simply want the Consortium removed from power, without regard for what would come afterwards.

Is the Azdaran Fragment simply a statement of its writers’ beliefs, or will it prove to be a grim prophecy? Facing unrest within the city and enemies outside it, can the Consortium cling to power — and if not, what will replace it? Join Veldaban and new allies as you attempt to answer a long-ignored question: who is the King of the Dwarves?

Mod John A
Senior RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start King of the Dwarves:

Speak to lava-flow miner Sven outside the lava flow mine in Keldagrim East.

Requirements to start King of the Dwarves:

68 Mining
70 Smithing
77 Strength
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
My Arm’s Big Adventure
Must be able to defeat a level 160 enemy

In other news...

Party Pete is taking his infamous drop parties on tour, in celebration of RuneScape's 10th Anniversary. You'll be able to get two new items from these drop parties - a 10th Anniversary cake and candles - though you can also get these from monster drops around Misthalin and Asgarnia.

If you are poisoned, clicking on the life points status globe next to the minimap will cause you to cast the Cure Me spell (provided you are using the Lunar spellbook, have the necessary runes and don’t have an anti-poison potion).

The pre-purchase info displayed for items in shops and at the Grand Exchange will now list damage absorption statistics.

The Christmas 2010 event has now been removed from the game.

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