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Hi again everyone.

We’re running a poll to decide whether the recently announced Prestige update should be added to the game. We’re taking this step because we intended this update to be positive content for our high level players and those who are close to high level, but what we’ve seen instead is that it’s contentious and controversial. We really want to do what is best by the community, so please vote and let us know your opinion!

There are several core objectives with Prestige:

  • To provide aspirational objectives for all high-level players.
  • To allow the hiscores to be competitive once more.
  • To let players earn distinctive accomplishments above and beyond skillcapes.

My recent dev blog laid out these objectives and how we intended Prestige to address them. The reaction we got was mixed, to say the least. We’ve had some excellent feedback and suggestions about potential flaws in the system and ways in which it might fail to meet our goals. However, we’re concerned that if we fix those issues piecemeal, we might end up with something that doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Therefore, we’re willing to take it back to the drawing board if that's what you prefer. The rules of the poll are:

  • If we get at least 75% 'Yes' votes, we’ll implement the Prestige system.
  • If we don’t get at least that many votes, we won’t implement Prestige.
  • In order to participate in the poll you need a Runescape account with membership, and the account must have been created before the 10th of October, 2013 (the date the Prestige blog was released).

If we don’t implement Prestige, we’ll reassess the project’s goals and our implementation of them based on all the feedback we’ve been given. We’re not going to abandon the idea of providing more things to do and more accomplishments, but we are willing to look at other ways of doing this.

We want to know your thoughts, so please vote now. You can find the poll here.

Mod Jack

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