EoC: Upcoming Changes

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Changes To EoC on Launch

When the Evolution of Combat launches next week, there will be a number of changes from the current beta based on your feedback since the last rebalance.

These are the most significant changes, and also the ones that have caused most discussion on the forums!

Combat Triangle

There has already been a significant amount of rebalancing done in the beta around this, but there has been consistent feedback that the triangle is too strictly enforced in certain instances, particularly around PvM. This means that - in certain cases - you have to carry three sets of kit.

Therefore we’ve significantly increased the hit chance for users in either the same or negative side of the triangle as a result. We will continue to monitor this after release, so please let us know your feedback next week.

Potions & Herblore

Following your feedback, these have been powered up and given a serious boost compared to the beta.


As with potions, there’s been a lot of discussion around Prayer and how it now interacts with the combat triangle. There is a general consensus that it is currently underpowered in the beta; therefore, at launch, it will be significantly stronger than in the current beta version.

Equipped Items Interface

The star system in the Equipped Items Interface was intended to provide a clear indication of an item’s effectiveness, but has ended up causing more questions than answers. For release, this is going to be replaced by a numbered bar, which will be less ambiguous and easier to interpret.

Special Attacks

There are no special attacks in the EoC (they’ve essentially been replaced by abilities) but there has been consistent feedback from yourselves that you like the current special attacks and would like to retain them.

Firstly, in the current beta, God Swords now have passive effects that are similar to their special-attack counterparts.

The list of items and effects as follows. All have a 1/4 chance on hit to do the following:

  • Armadyl: Increases Attack and Strength stats.
  • Bandos: Decreases targets defence if they are above a certain base Defence level.
  • Saradomin: Heals some of your base life and prayer points.
  • Zamorak: Stuns your target.
  • Enchanted Excalibur (off-hand): Heals some base life points, which are boosted if the player has completed the elite tasks.

We are going to monitor how these work and potentially add similar passive effects to other items in the future, too.

The RuneScape Team

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