Evolution of Combat: One-Click Combat

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After we announced the EoC back in June, many of you asked how you could continue using the current combat style for non-PvP content; particularly for longer Slayer assignments. Itís clear that many of you like the current system, and you challenged us to keep it in the game.

So, we did.

Youíre able to keep using the traditional, low-intensity combat that has always been a part of RuneScape. Clicking on an enemy still initiates a repeated auto-attack, and the amount of damage this does can be multiplied for a 20-minute period by using the Momentum ability.

Momentum is an ultimate ability in the Defence/Constitution category, available to players of all levels, that can be activated when your adrenaline is fully charged. You can access this ability via the ability book thatís been incorporated into the 'magic' side stone on your interface.

You can also minimise the action bar at any time. This will free up valuable screen space, and will keep your chat window active by default, so you don't need to press enter each time you want to speak to your friends.

So what does this mean for you? Well, basically you get to pick and choose the features you want to use without being forced to do any of it. You can have all the cool new gear and other upgrades that the EoC brings, while still enjoying the game in the way youíre used to via the Momentum ability. Itís just one more click every 20 minutes or so!

Take a look at this video from Mod Mark for a demonstration of how to use Momentum, as well as details of some of the other cool features coming in the EoC.

The RuneScape Team

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