RuneScape Companion - Web App

RuneScape Companion - Web App

We are delighted to launch the RuneScape Companion web app to all RuneScape players today. It’s a new way to talk to your friends in RuneScape using your mobile phone, tablet or PC without logging into the full game.

It's a web app, so rather than needing to install it from an app store, you simply follow these steps:

For the moment, the web app supports Friends Chat, Clan Chat and Private Messages to and from the game, but we’ll be adding more features throughout 2014. Let us know what you’d like to see!

This is the first version of the web app, and it's still a work in progress. It currently works on more modern Android devices and the iPhone 4 upwards. Please check the list of supported devices below to see if it will work on your phone or tablet.

If your device isn’t currently supported, we’ll be making updates to the web app in January which should increase this list substantially.

  • Desktop PCs and laptops, using Chrome.
  • Android devices, using Chrome. These include:
    • Nexus 4
    • Nexus 5
    • Nexus 7
    • Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Samsung Galaxy S4
    • HTC 1X+
  • iOS devices, using Safari. These are:
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPad 3rd Gen
    • iPad 4th Gen
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPad Mini
    • iPad Mini Retina

Currently, the web app doesn’t work - or performs unreliably - on the following devices:

  • iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  • Any Android device with less than 1GB of RAM.
  • Windows Phones
  • Blackberry Phones

If you have any questions, head over to the FAQ. If you have any problems using the app, or any suggestions on improvements you'd like to see, let us know on the RuneScape Companion forum.

The RuneScape Team

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