Solomonís General Store: Last Chance for 200 Free RuneCoins!

Greetings, adventurer!

Since my store opened its doors, I have given first-time customers the gift of 200 RuneCoins absolutely free. The time has come for this offer to come to a close; after the 5th of February, new visitors will no longer receive the 200 free RuneCoins. Simply stop by at your earliest convenience to receive this fantastic offer while itís still at hand.

While this offer may be ending, I have another card up my sleeve... Indeed, in recognition of the propitious support I have received since the grand opening of my store, it is my pleasure to announce that, each month, I will be offering one free item to all RuneScape members! Keep a careful eye on future releases; Solomonís will make the free item available alongside the first new release of each month.

For the finest, most exquisite armour, outfits, animations, emotes and more, visit Solomonís General Store. Donít forget - members still receive a 10% discount on everything in-store.


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