Stomp the Bosses

Everyone loves the challenge of a boss kill. Whether you are a tactical genius, a veteran of PvM or you just wade in and hope for the best, boss killing is not only a testament to your combat abilities; it’s a sure fire way to nab some of the best in-game items. General Graardor, Nex and the King Black Dragon are all on our hit list this weekend, so join us as we turn the tables on some of RuneScape's most fearsome bosses in two days of combat mayhem.

A community event wouldn’t be complete without a helping hand along the way, though, so naturally we have plenty of support lined up for you to make this weekend the most successful boss-killing experience possible.

First off, some of the most successful Clans in RuneScape will be around to guide and support you, and we’ve also teamed up with our trusted Player Moderators to lend a hand. These guys have a specific interest in events and will be able to answer your questions, offer general advice or even join you on a lucrative boss-hunting trip!

And if that is not enough to tempt you to cancel all your plans for this weekend and spend it boss hunting, we’ll also be sending J Mods into game to cheer you on and offer advice. After all, everyone needs a bit of help from time to time!

Oh, and we also have something rather special planned to make this weekend one to remember – more of that later this week!

For now, keep an eye on our forum thread where all the pre-organised events are advertised. Everyone is welcome, so stock up on supplies, brush up on your boss-killing tactics, and prepare to join us as we Stomp the Bosses.

RuneScape Community Team

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