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Last Man Standing: F2P Beta

July 22 2016
Last Man Standing: F2P Beta
Last Man Standing: F2P Beta

The Last Man Standing beta is now available to free-to-play Old School players on world 321!

Image created by winnetou07.

There are some small differences between the members and free-to-play versions of Last Man Standing. Competitive mode is not available in free-to-play, and some of the high end equipment is not available for use.

You are still able to use various members items in the free-to-play version of the minigame, just not the top-tier special attack weapons.

If you want to give the free-to-play version of the minigame a go, hop over to world 321 and give it a whirl!

In other news

  • Broken versions of untradeable items are now repaired by talking to Perdu or using a special armour stand.
  • Worlds 376 and 321 are no longer Deadman seasonal worlds, with world 321 becoming the F2P Last Man Standing beta world and world 376 being reverted to a standard Old School world.

  • Bugfixes

  • Broken versions of untradeable items now have higher values so that they will no longer be deleted from the ground if more valuable items are in the area.
  • Corrected the herbs shown on the Temple Trekking reward interface.

  • Mods Archie, Ash, Ed, Ghost, Ian, Jed, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Roq, Weath, West
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