Lava Flow Mine

Players who have completed King of the Dwarves will already have seen the Lava Flow Mine, where the dwarves of Keldagrim have tapped into channels of liquid rock in order to power their city’s machinery. The lava flows require constant tending to keep the power supply steady, and the new king has finally decided to let humans into the mine to help out.

The Lava Flow Mine allows miners to gain a good rate of XP without producing any ore (although you have a chance of finding gems). You can mine anywhere in the area, but you get the maximum rate of XP by consulting the flow gauges and finding the place where the lava is flowing most slowly.

A few random events will pop up from time to time, and keeping an eye out for them could net you additional rewards. Boilers will break, and you can fix them for Smithing XP if you have the required level. Mischievous ancestor spirits will make off with the dwarves’ pickaxes, and catching them will give you a temporary bonus to Mining XP in the area. If you help the Tzhaar hero on his endless quest to catch a lava monster, everyone in the area will have an increased chance of finding gems.

Finally, the Liquid Gold Nymph may take pity on your dull clothes and give you pieces of an outfit so eye-achingly flamboyant that it grants a bonus to Mining XP everywhere in the world – the complete outfit grants a total Mining XP bonus of 2.5%.

Mod John A
Senior RuneScape Content Developer


Where to find the Lava Flow Mine:

Go through the entrance in the east wall of Keldagrim.

Requirements to use the Lava Flow Mine:

Must have completed King of the Dwarves.
Bring your own pickaxe.

In other news...

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