Leagues IV FAQs & Teasers - Releasing November 15th

Leagues IV FAQs & Teasers - Releasing November 15th
On Wednesday, game worlds will go offline at 10:30am GMT. Main game worlds will be back online at 11:00am GMT, and we're aiming to get Leagues worlds operational at 12:00pm GMT.

We know what you're here for, so let's not waste any time...

Leagues IV - Trailblazer Reloaded launches on Wednesday, November 15th. We could probably leave it there, but that probably wouldn't be worth an entire newspost...

If you somehow missed it during the Summer Summit, check out the teaser trailer we put together to get you in the Trailblazer spirit (click here if you can't see the video below).

Now, to make sure everybody's on the same page and ready to book time off work for grinding, we're going to go back over some of the info we included in August's blog. If you're already totally up to speed with exactly what Leagues are, this post is still worth a scroll because we'll be including an FAQ section further down. While we don't have a massive number of Qs that have been FAed yet, we'd like to ask you to send us any and all questions you might have about Trailblazer Reloaded, and we'll aim to keep this newspost updated with fresh answers so that you can get to strategising and planning out the trail you'll blaze in advance!

Trailblazer Reloaded - Reveals & Teasers

Last updated: Tuesday, November 14th

If you're looking to totally avoid spoilers, avert your eyes! This section will be absolutely full of relic reveals, teasers, and other information to get you in the spirit of Leagues IV - Trailblazer Reloaded.

We'll be releasing new information every single day and summarising it here, but if you'd like to keep up with the reveals as they happen (even on weekends!) then head to our ‘X’ (Twitter) page by clicking here and drop us a follow.

Below this, we've included a calendar giving a beautiful summary everything we've shared so far, and a table that you can click to expand for short descriptions of each reveal, links to our 'X' (Twitter) page and alternative links for those of you without 'X' (Twitter) accounts. So let's take a look at the calendar!

A little early for an advent calendar, but this one's just as good!

Now for the bit you're really here for...

Date Reveal Useful links

November 1st

UI Changes

Here's a freebie on us, Mod Husky did some fantastic work on QOL for various Leagues interfaces, allowing you to resize the Tasks menu and browse while you're skilling!

November 2nd


A brand new relic that significantly enhances Thieving, Agility, Hunter & Firemaking.

November 3rd

Passive Effects

It wouldn't be Leagues without some passive-tively overpowered bonuses! XP boosts and unlimited Run Energy are a given, but here are some passive effects we've taken further than ever before!

November 4th

Combat Relics

Choose a style! Enhance your attacks with precision, power, pace and more!

Enjoy additional effects depending on your chosen style, and the unparalleled power of 2-tick megarares like the Twisted Bow, Scythe of Vitur and Tumeken's Shadow.

November 5th

Undying Retribution

Cheat death and devastate any nearby foes.

November 6th


Teleport anywhere your heart desires with a single piece of jewellery.

November 7th

Last Recall

Unfortunately, Last Recall won't be returning as a relic during Trailblazer Reloaded. The Crystal of Memories will be making a return however, keep an eye out for a video over the coming days to learn about the specifics!

November 7th

Tier 1 Relics

Your first Relic choice will stick with you for the entirety of Trailblazer Reloaded... Take a look at the detailed descriptions of all three and figure out what you're going to choose!

November 8th

Banker's Note

Note and un-note items from the comfort of your inventory.

November 9th


Summons an exceptionally powerful thrall.

November 10th

Weapon Master

Special attacks always hit, You can use your HP for more Special attacks if you run out of energy.

November 11th

PvM Challenge

Get ready for:

  • Phosani's Nightmare's Nightmare
  • Harder Mode Theatre of Blood
  • More Challenging Mode Chambers of Xeric
  • Tombs of Amascut Money 1000s

November 12th

Fire Sale

Items from all shops can be purchased for 0 GP and automatically noted.

November 13th

Ruinous Powers

Channel the power of a fallen empire.

November 14th


Strike instant killing blows to enemies with less than 20% HP.

Check back regularly (particularly Monday to Friday) as we'll be trying to keep this post as up-to-date as possible! Don't forget to check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information!

What is Trailblazer Reloaded?

Let's imagine for a second you've never played a League before, or didn't get the chance to play Trailblazer League back in the day - what is a League?

In Old School, Leagues are temporary game modes that take place on separate servers from the main game. On these Leagues worlds, you'll be able to become more powerful than ever before and experience Old School from a completely different perspective! We've got boosted XP rates that will let you absolutely breeze through the early game and get stuck straight into some of Old School's tougher and more unique challenges. Along the way, you'll gain access to epic Relics that augment you with powerful new abilities and passive effects - in Trailblazer Reloaded, you don't just fight the raid boss, you are the raid boss. You'll be able to put your power to the test with an expansive list of tasks and challenges that reward you with points, giving you the opportunity to rise up through the ranks of our Leagues Leaderboard and compete with friends and strangers alike.

Trailblazer Reloaded is a League that focuses on area unlocks. Put simply, you'll start out in Lumbridge with only a small portion of the map accessible (Misthalin and Karamja) and you'll need to complete tasks to earn points to unlock further regions to explore, we've even included Kourend & Kebos this time around! These unlocked choices are permanent however, and cannot be undone - so choose wisely... Trailblazer Reloaded lets you make meaningful choices and forge your own path, your journey and experience with the League will be unique to you - pick your favourite regions in any order you'd like to focus on the content you enjoy the most, pick from a huge array of Relics to tap into whichever power fantasy takes your fancy, challenge yourself to your heart's content with hundreds of pre-defined tasks or the ability to set yourself goals that would be impossible in the main game.

Leagues' most iconic interface is back with a fresh lick of paint!

Leagues IV - Trailblazer Reloaded is set to be our best League yet so make sure you don't miss it! If you've been away from Old School for a little while, this is the perfect time for you to jump back in, get some friends together and enjoy those boosted XP & drop rates as you work your way up to bosses and brand new experiences with a spot of light-hearted competition. Remember though, it's important that you forge your own path during this League. Every character will be an Ironman, so no Grand Exchange, no trading, just you and your skills against the world (or at least, whichever bits of the world you have access to).

If you'd like to see all of the rules explained in a little more detail, click on the expand option down below to read back over everything we shared in our first Leagues IV blog in August!

RULES - Click here to expand


As with any League, Trailblazer Reloaded has its own ruleset that fundamentally changes the game. These rules will look familiar to those of you who played the original Trailblazer, but we’ll repeat them here to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

If you need a refresher during the League, all the info you need will be in this handy tab, and you'll be able to see the full name of the League once it's done. 'Trailblazer Rel' just doesn't have the same ring to it...

Area Locks

  • Your character will begin their journey with only Misthalin and Karamja unlocked.
  • More areas can be unlocked by completing a fixed number of tasks.
    • Note: the number of points provided by the tasks do not matter, only the number of tasks.
    • These unlockable areas are the Wilderness, the Fremennik Isles, Asgarnia, Morytania, the Kharidian Desert, Kandarin, Tirannwn, and Kourend and Kebos.
  • You will only be able to respawn in areas you’ve already unlocked.
  • Death's Office, the Player Owned House, Random Events and the Essence Mines will be accessible from all areas.
  • Slayer Tasks will be limited to creatures found in the areas you have unlocked.
  • Treasure Trail steps will be limited to the areas you have unlocked.

Iron Mode with Accelerated XP Rates

Everyone will play as an Iron character, meaning:

  • There will be no trading between players.
  • To accommodate the increased number of Iron players, shops stocks will never decrease.
  • Everybody will start with a 5x accelerated XP rate.
    • This multiplier increases further at specific Relic tiers.

Starting Stats

Your fresh Iron character will have the basic stats from Tutorial Island, as well as:

  • Level 3 Herblore
  • Level 10 Agility
  • Level 5 Runecraft

These starting stats will let you access the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course as well as low-level Herblore and Runecraft training methods.

You’ll also get a free Dramen Staff, to be claimed from the League Tutor, which will allow you to access Zanaris.

Quest and Diary Unlocks

Some quests or diary tasks that require access to inaccessible areas will be automatically unlocked. Most notably:

  • Druidic Ritual, to unlock Herblore.
  • Lost City, to unlock access to Zanaris.


Tasks are a collection of goals and achievements for you to complete during the League. They span activities like skilling, obtaining drops, killing creatures, completing quests, and even playing minigames.

Completing a task will get you League Points, which you can use to unlock Relics and other rewards. The more difficult the task, the more points you’ll get – to help you pick your next goal, we’ve sorted tasks into tiers ranging from Easy to Master.

Everybody's favourite interface is making a return, with a huge helping of fresh and updated tasks

Note that in Trailblazer Reloaded, new regions are unlocked based on how many tasks you’ve completed, not the number of points you’ve earned.

Obviously, some tasks in Trailblazer Reloaded will be area specific.

Examples of area-specific tasks include:

  • Enter the Cooking Guild.
  • Defeat Obor.
  • Craft 50 Water Runes.
  • Receive a Slayer task from Vannaka.

Examples of general tasks, which can be completed in any region, include:

  • Cook 100 Sharks.
  • Obtain a Mark of Grace.
  • Equip a Yew Shortbow.
  • Defeat a Goblin.

Again, every area will have roughly the same number of obtainable points – so you can feel free to pick your favourite!


Relics provide buffs which let you customise your gameplay experience. Unlocked via League Points, Relics can offer XP boosts, buffs to combat, additional luck while obtaining drops or even specific skilling buffs.

When you begin the League, you’ll be asked to choose between three Tier 1 Relics. As you gain more points, you can unlock other Relics, and solidify your strategy further.

For the first time ever, in Trailblazer Reloaded each Relic tier will also unlock a passive buff. In addition, there will be one more Tier than usual, for a total of seven Relic Tiers.

We’ll provide more information about Relics as we approach the start date of Leagues IV, but keep your eyes peeled for a few sneak peeks! Remember, some are staying the same, some are changing, and some are brand new!

Of course, you won't be leaving empty-handed! Any points you accumulate during the League will be spendable in the Leagues Rewards shop, allowing you to purchase unique cosmetics from any League to-date - this means all of the rewards from Trailblazer Reloaded, as well as from Twisted, Trailblazer and Shattered Relics leagues in the past. You've recently voted in a whole host of new cosmetic rewards from this league, so let's see what's up for grabs!

What's in it for me?

If good ol' fashioned fun, new experiences and becoming so powerful that even TzKal-Zuk doesn't feel like leaving his weird little wall (where does he hang out for the first 68 waves, anyway?) aren't enough for you, then surely fashionscape should push you over the edge. Here's a refresher on all of the rewards on offer to anybody with points to spare!

Trailblazer Reloaded Outfit

This outfit combines elements of the Shayzien Area of Kourend (which is accessible in this version of Trailblazer) with the theming of this Leagues and the symbol of rebirth itself... FIRE! This outfit has three versions which will give your FashionScape more flare with each higher tier (three in total).

The four Leagues lived in harmony, until Leagues IV - Trailblazer Reloaded attacked...

Trailblazer Reloaded Banner

No fiery, bright-red outfit is complete without an eye-catching (and absolutely massive) banner to show off!

What better way to show off your participation than flying the Trailblazer Reloaded colours high in the sky as you follow your friends in a circle around the Grand Exchange?

The Trailblazer Reloaded Banner will have the theming of the League, much like the outfit above, and will be a purely cosmetic item to showcase your time spent playing Leagues IV!

Leagues Trophy

The elusive Dragon rank trophy - this time obtainable at a static point threshold!

What better way to show off your skill and dedication to the League than with untradeable trophies ranging from Bronze to Dragon! The trophies can be held in the off-hand slot (aside from Dragon, Rune and Adamant, which are two-handed) and will have a unique emote that you can access by right-clicking them.

Don't want to make them a part of your fashionscape? Save your hands from the heavy lifting and store them in your Player Owned House via the Trophy Case.

Trailblazer Reloaded Home Teleport Animation

Do you want to spice things up a bit when clicking the iconic blue circle to head home and show the world that you 'gotta go fast', much like another speedy blue circle...

Then look no further than the Home Teleport Animation you'll be able to nab from the Rewards Shop. This cosmetic override for the Home Teleport will have you speeding off into the sky at speeds, unseen by the citizens of Gielinor, fan those flames and fly like a phoenix!

Dinh's Bulwark Ornament Kit

One of the greatest creations of the legendary and renowned Dwarven master Smith Dinh, creator of the doors that help contain Wintertodt. This is the strongest shield in the game, and the fact requires both your hands to use, there's no doubt why!

So we'll give this mighty shield the ability to look like one of the toughest pieces of content in-game, The Inferno! Taking inspiration from the big TzKal-Zuk himself and his lava-kept shield, you'll be able to get your hands on this highly-requested cosmetic very soon!

Toxic Blowpipe Ornament Kit

Since the release of Zulrah, the Toxic Blowpipe has been one of the most iconic Ranged Weapons in the game. So we thought it was about time to give this well-loved weapon its due with a blazing-themed recolour for the newest League! Not only that, but we'll be changing the colouring of the Special Attack projectile to fit alongside the fiery look of Trailblazer Reloaded!

The fiery new Toxic Blowpipe cosmetic kit, shown off alongside the Trailblazer Reloaded outfit!

Rejuvenation Pool Ornament Kit

The Player-Owned House is one of the most essential things to make your time in Gielinor all the more glorious as it offers you a wide variety of important utilities so your adventuring is all the more satisfying.

One of the most important features you can build is a Rejuvenation Pool, a one-stop-shop to give you that refresh you need before, during, or after a long fight. The only time we've done a different variant of the pool was around the Christmas Event!

This change will only affect the Ornate version of the Rejuvenation Pool, so get that Construction up if you want to show one of these off to all of your pals!

Trailblazer Reloaded Alchemy Animation

Some of the most iconic spells in-game are seen time and time again as players run around the world casting them along their adventures! Aside from teleports, one of the most iconic is Alchemy, a great way to get some funds quickly without needing to go the Grand Exchange or a shop (for you Iron Players out there).

You'll be able to give this notable spell a fiery-themed animation to match the League!

Trailblazer Reloaded Vengeance Animation

From the Standard Spellbook to Lunar, the other spell we'll be giving the cosmetic treatment to is Vengeance!

A spell used by PvMers and PvPers alike, we'd like to give it that penance stare feeling and give the iconic red skull some beautiful hellfire to surround it, allowing you to put the fear straight into your foes soul!

Trailblazer Reloaded Death/Respawn Animation

Finally, let's talk about death! Something that's common to Old School players and is part of every player's journey (even Hardcore Ironmen eventually), There is something notable about making another player sit or just knowing it's over when your player drops to their knees in defeat.

Well, with this final reward, you'll unlock a much more dramatic exit as your character bursts into fire leaving their booties behind like some platforming, orange marsupial. Not only that, but you'll spawn back in around fire and be born again like a Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Now you know more or less what to expect, and what you'll stand to gain from your time spent in Trailblazer Reloaded! Many of you still have nagging questions and want to make a head-start on planning out your strategy to maximise those point gains, so we'd like to invite you to share those questions with us in all the usual places, or pop them into this teeny tiny survey form below (if you can't see it, try clicking here instead!)

FAQ - Updated Wednesday, November 1st

Remember, as we see more questions pop up, we'll expand this section with anything we're willing to share before Leagues IV - Trailblazer Reloaded launches on November 15th!

Question Answer
"How long will the League last for?!" 8 weeks of League-y goodness!
"Will we be getting a 4th area unlock with the addition of Kourend & Kebos, or will we still be limited to 3 unlocks?" No, you'll still have to choose up to 3 additional unlockable areas beyond Misthalin and Karamja, meaningful choice is the name of the game!
"How will some of the content released since Leagues II - Trailblazer be handled in terms of area unlocks? For example, Desert Treasure II spans a huge area of the map, will we need to unlock multiple specific regions to access the content?" For the main pieces of content impacted:
  • Secrets of the North will be auto-completed with a Fremennik region unlock.
  • Desert Treasure 2 will be auto-completed with a Desert region unlock, but the individual bosses will require their respective regions unlocked to be fought.
  • Path of Glouphrie will take place entirely within the Kandarin region.
  • Accessing various Runecraft altars via Guardians of the Rift will ignore area restrictions, the mini-game might not be much fun otherwise...
  • For a more miscellaneous point, even though Barbarian fishing is possible near Mount Quidamortem, you'll still need to unlock Kandarin to learn the necessary techniques from Otto Godblessed.
"Clue Scrolls good?" Clue scrolls good. We'll be changing clues to give you steps exclusively limited to areas you have unlocked, regardless of your relic choices.
"Can you tell me every single Relic right this second?" No, we're still shifting a couple around between tiers to get the balance (if you could call relics balanced...) juuuuuust right.We'll be drip-feeding information about relics in the run-up to release, so keep an eye out!
"Can you share the full task list right this second?" Also no! We might release a handful of more early-game tasks closer to release to get your brains into Leagues mode, but don't want to give everything away and have you all firing up the 'flavour of the month' Pastebin progression guide before Trailblazer Reloaded even launches!
"Do we still get infinite Run Energy?" Yes!
"When will we know the points thresholds for the new static ranks?" Day 1, as soon as you're in-game you'll be able to find the new rank thresholds
"Will we be able to buy Trailblazer Reloaded rewards on the GE, similar to rewards from previous Leagues?" Yep, just like every other League!
"In Leagues II, players that unlocked Kandarin could imbue items at the Nightmare Zone using coins. With the addition of Soul Wars and the PvP arena, will we have access to them in a similar manner?" NMZ will function the same as before, PvP Arena will be disabled since it can't run on a League world, and Soul Wars will function as normal - get those masses going!
"The blog says we start with 5x XP. What kind of XP multipliers can we expect in the mid and late game?" We're not giving specifics just yet, but you can expect your multipliers to progress similarly to the original Trailblazer League
"What quests will be auto-completed on unlocking each region?" There's too much for us to share here, but once you're able to log in, check the Areas interface for information on all of these for any given area!
"Will PvP/death mechanics in the wilderness work the same way as previous leagues? E.g., will your items drop and black chin stacks disappear when PKed?" You shouldn't lose any items on PvP death in Trailblazer Reloaded, including untradeables. With how easy it is to send other players packing, this might make the region a little too hostile.
"Can we play as Group Irons?" We know this is a super popular request, but unfortunately you won't be able to play as Group Irons in Trailblazer Reloaded
"Can we extend the League?!" We've not currently got any plans to extend the League, it's still schedule to run for 8 weeks and finish on January 10th.
"Is there any way to make points accessible to all characters on a Jagex account?" Not right now, but this is something we've thought about and would love to work towards in the future, if we're able to make it work!
"Will there be any way to acquire the Soulreaper axe or all 4 rings from the DT2 bosses?" Each boss will require its respective region to be unlocked, but every single DT2 boss will be able to drop all 4 pieces of the Soulreaper axe. To assemble the Ultor, Bellator, Venator and Magus rings you'll still need the respective Fremennik rings, which require unlocking the Fremennik region.
"Does the league's increased drop rate have an effect on the rare drop table or the chance of hitting it?" No.
"How is Piety handled? Is it still a dual-region unlock?" Piety will only require Kandarin to be unlocked this time around!
"Will Alchemical Hydra still drop a completed Dragon Hunter Lance, or will we need other region unlocks to make it?" No, Alchemical Hydra will drop a Hydra claw, since you're able to acquire the other components this time around (which wasn't the case in Twisted League). No items will be dropped in a different form to the main game (for example, Dragon Hunter Lance, Guardian Boots, Primordial Boots, etc.)
"Can we get Vial Smasher without unlocking Kandarin?" Yes! The Sage, being an extremely powerful entity, has a dialogue option to impart the knowledge of vial-smashing unto you.
"How do shops work?" Shops should restock after every transaction, and no longer require you to close and re-open the interface.
"Do we get boosted minigame points?" Yes, minigame points will be boosted by modifiers that increase at various Relic tiers. Mage Training Arena might just be bearable!
"So, clue steps are only limited to your current areas, but how do Falo, Sherlock and Cecilia work?" Falo and Sherlock should both only ask for items/tasks that you're able to complete (if you notice any instances where this is not the case, let us know ASAP!). Cecilia steps will not be enabled for the League.
"Do we need to unlock Desert to be able to access the Frozen Door?" The Frozen Door will be completable without requiring completion of Desert Treasure.
"Will we need Kandarin to be able to use Box traps?" You'll be able to use Box traps without requiring Eagle's Peak completion, and you'll be able to obtain them from all good General stores!
"How does Mahogany Homes work?" Similar to Clue scrolls, Mahogany Homes should only give you contracts in areas you've already unlocked!

Make sure to drop us any extra questions you have that haven't been answered already and we'll pop them in the table above over time!

With all that said, we'd best be seeing you on Wednesday, November 15th for the full launch of Leagues IV - Trailblazer Reloaded.

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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