Leonard's Lucky Dip!

Leonard's Lucky Dip!

Roll up, roll up, and grab your tickets for Leonard’s Lucky Dip! This daily event will run from September 1st to September 30th. Throughout the month, you'll be able to win Tickets through your usual activities, exchange them with Leonard in Burthorpe, and win amazing prizes you can't get anywhere else.

You might recognise this event as a spiritual successor to Balthazar’s Big Raffle, which last ran in September 2019. Aside from Leonard himself, who’s taken over proceedings, we’ve made a bunch of other improvements:

  • You can now receive Lucky Dip Tickets while training your skills or participating in combat.
  • We’ve added new prize categories! Read all about them in the ‘Rewards’ section below.
  • You can now see which rewards you’ve already won on the event interface.
  • You can also see your chances of winning a prize in each category on the event interface.
  • To prevent unscrupulous behaviour, all players must now have a total level of 250 to participate in the Lucky Dip.
  • You can enter up to 15 times a day.
  • You can choose to enter any category you wish, any time you want – whereas previously, the categories available were locked to particular days.
  • You can now purchase a ‘Lucky Dip Reclamation Service’ from the Marketplace. If you’ve missed any daily tickets by forgetting to talk to Leonard, this’ll let you claim them all back
  • The ‘Protean Pack’ category is now the ‘Item Pack’ category, which contains a wider range of prizes – including Dwarven Tools!
  • All rewards (including ones from Balthazar’s Big Raffle!) are now reclaimable from Diango in Draynor.
  • When the event ends on September 30th, Leonard will stick around for a seven-day grace period, which you can learn more about below.

Getting Tickets

You can get Tickets in all kinds of ways!

To get you started, you’ll receive 10 free Tickets the first time you log-in during the event.

You can also claim a free daily ticket from Leonard, opposite the Burthorpe Lodestone, once per day. You can obtain a second daily ticket by completing the Daily Challenge or by speaking to Gilly Willikers, who’ll be hiding out somewhere in Gielinor.

Lastly, you’ll earn Tickets by playing the game as you normally would – by participating in combat and training your skills!


Leonard’s rounded up loads of fantastic prizes from every corner of Gielinor this year, but let’s take a look at those new categories, shall we?

First of all, the new ‘Coins’ category will let you walk away with 100 million, 250 million, or 500 million coins. Wowza!

The ‘Protean Pack’ category has been reshuffled into the ‘Item Pack’ category, which includes prizes like Portable Deposit Boxes, Dwarven Tools, Deathtouched Darts, and all that lovely stuff.

Our last new category is ‘Golden God Wars’, which includes some super-shiny versions of the Bandos, Armadyl and Robes of Subjugation sets.

Of course, you’ll still be able to win Balthazar’s old selection of favourites, including Golden versions of the Barrows and Warpriest Armours, Godswords, and Chaotic weapons.

As noted above, these items will all be reclaimable from Diango – including the ones you won from Leonard’s predecessor, Balthazar.

In addition, if you’re not lucky enough to win a grand (named) prize in your chosen category, you’ll still receive some Medium XP Lamps as a consolation prize. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

But that's not all! On top of all of the above prizes there's also 5 limited edition titles up for grabs!

  • (name), First of the Lucky Five
  • (name), Second of the Lucky Five
  • (name), Third of the Lucky Five
  • (name), Fourth of the Lucky Five
  • (name), Fifth of the Lucky Five

These unique titles will be given out at random to five lucky players who take part in Leonard's Lucky Dip. You get one chance for every Ticket you enter into Leonard's Lucky Dip, so the more you play the better your chance of winning one of these fortuitous titles! Winning players will receive their titles in October.


You’ll need to have a total level of at least 250 and RuneScape Membership to participate in the Lucky Dip.

Ironman accounts will not be able to participate.

- The RuneScape Team

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