"Worst Update Ever!" Teaser Image

"Worst Update Ever!"


We have decided to freshen up the Jagex Store by introducing some new items and packs, including JMod-designed t-shirts, posters and six new packs. The t-shirts... read more

The Jagex Anti-Hijack System Teaser Image

The Jagex Anti-Hijack System


We have a found an effective method for keeping your account permanently secure: the Jagex security key. This is a physical device that you will be able to keep... read more

Betrayal at Falador Q&A Teaser Image

Betrayal at Falador Q&A


Before the new year, we asked you to pose questions to Betrayal at Falador author, T.S Church. He’s found time to reply and his responses can be found in the Fo... read more

Jagex Store: The New Batch Teaser Image

Jagex Store: The New Batch


The Jagex Store gets another update this week, with the introduction of USB sticks, pencil cases, backpacks and drawstring bags. These are in addition to the nu... read more

Jagex Store - Official Launch! Teaser Image

Jagex Store - Official Launch!


The Jagex Store has officially launched, with a range of merchandise for you to browse and buy. Whether you want to wear the hoodie, drink from the official mug... read more

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