Live Developer Q&A: Clans

Have you ever wondered how an update as large as the clan system and Clan Camp ever goes from design to game? Are you wondering what ideas and plans are in store for the future of clans? Perhaps you’re more interested in giving your suggestions to the developers in a live Q&A? This week’s live forum Q&A session should be right up your street.

On Sunday 17th April at 8pm (BST/forum time), we’ll be hosting a live forum question and answer session with two of RuneScape’s developers: Mod Chihiro and Mod Roderick. They have been working feverishly over the past few months alongside a whole army of developers, graphics artists and other teams to bring you this week’s update: the Clan Camp.

So be sure to think up your questions for Mod Chihiro and Mod Roderick in preparation for the live Q&A. When you’re ready, don't forget to be online and on our forums at 8pm (BST/Forum Time) when we will unlock the question thread. Questions should be posted on the question thread and the answers from the developers will be posted on the answers thread. Arrive early and armed to the teeth with questions to make the most out of this Q&A session!

Mod Timbo
Community Management

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