Live streaming – EoC and the Future of RuneScape

We’re well into our season of live streamed Q&As. CEO Mark Gerhard, VP of RuneScape Daniel Clough, RuneScape Lead Designer Mod Mark and some of the architects of the EoC – Mods Pi & Chris L – have been in the spot light already, taking on the hardest questions about the biggest topics.

We’ve already answered a tonne of questions on micropayments, bots and, this last weekend, the Evolution of Combat (watch it below or read the transcript).

This Sunday at 21:00 GMT, we’ll be looking into Mod Mark's crystal ball to see what’s in store for RuneScape’s future. If you’ve a question about what’s coming up, or want to tell Mark what you’d like to see in 2013 or beyond, jump onto the stream’s dedicated thread for details on how to get involved.

If you’ve missed a live stream then don’t panic, they’re all available to watch on our YouTube channel.

See you Sunday!

Paul M

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