Livid Farm

Rakes, spades and dibbers are on standby as the Moon Clan are using magic to tend their new farm. Don’t expect it to be all tomatoes and cabbages; instead Pauline Polaris is cultivating a crop of the Jade Vine that has been drastically enhanced by lunar magic. Being typically tenacious, the Jade Vine has been morphed into a new strain of plant called 'livid'.

Pauline is overworked and needs your help in performing all the tasks about the farm using your lunar spellbook. Cure plants, fertilise soil, fix fences and perform many other activities to be rewarded with plenty of experience in Magic, Farming, Construction, Crafting and Agility. The Livid Farm is intended to be a fast-paced and quick-to-grasp area where you can train multiple skills at one time.

You will be able to cast each lunar spell in the Livid Farm even without the required Magic level, but you'll gain less XP and the rewards will come more slowly.

As an extra 'thank you', Pauline is willing to share her knowledge and teach you some new lunar spells, such as Remote Farming, Vengeance Group and Disruption Shield, to name just a few. Unlock all of these spells and you'll be able to purchase 'wishes', giving you temporary skill benefits.

Mod Tim
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to find the Livid Farm:

On the north of Lunar Isle.

Requirements to use the Livid Farm:
70 Magic
60 Agility
60 Crafting
60 Farming
50 Construction
Lunar Diplomacy

In other news...

In preparation for the launch of clan support next week, the Clan Camp is in the process of setting up just outside of Falador’s south wall.

Around the Clan Camp, you’ll probably also notice a lovely new graphical look for the trees. When chopping these particular trees, you’ll be 10% more likely to receive bird’s nest (and yes, this does stack with a lucky rabbit’s foot).

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