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This page is where we'll post the latest news on the Login Lockout situation. Check back regularly for updates.


  • Work is continuing to restore access to accounts impacted as soon as possible.
  • The invitation-only Account Integrity Review Beta is underway. Multiple waves of invitations have now been sent out and more will be circulated over the coming days.
  • We're going to be covering any membership or RuneMetrics subscription on impacted accounts for the next 31 days as of yesterday (March 18th), extending Yak Track and more.
  • Some accounts have had their log in permissions disabled in preparation for the Restoration Phase.
  • Our next Game Update will be Monday, March 29th featuring our brand new Easter event and the Pi-Mas combat improvements.
  • Major content releases, like Rex Matriarch, have been postponed until further notice.

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26th March | New Fixes & Improvements For Beta

Hello everyone,

With the Beta in full swing, we wanted to check in with a couple of updates on the latest happenings from today.

Calling All Beta Testers: Please Come Test Again!

If you're a current Beta participant, we'd love for you to return today to check some new improvements we've just made to our restoration work! This work introduces a variety of refinements to our telemetry translations based on your feedback so far and we're looking to check that work with all of you once more, even if your account was exactly as you expected. Please head to the private Beta Discord server for all the info on recommended areas to test.

Servers at the Ready

Yesterday's maintenance of our RuneScape servers also allowed us to introduce new functionality that will allow us to restore and return your accounts into the live game once restoration work has completed. This functionality is now in place, ready and waiting for us to begin this process!

Next Steps From the Beta

As we get to the closing stages of the Beta, we'd love for you to join us for a special Livestream tonight at 17:00 Game Time over at Twitch.tv/RuneScape. We'll give you a rundown of our learnings from the Beta so far, things we're working on and - most importantly - what's next in the process. We hope you can join us.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped in the Beta so far - you've been amazing.

- The RuneScape Team

24th March | Further Account Integrity Beta Invitations

We've just sent out our 4th wave of invitations to take part in the Account Integrity Beta.

To check if you've been invited, please look out for an email from us asking you to take part. Not had anything? The Beta will continue until Friday with further invitations expected to be sent out between now and then, so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

As usual thank you for your patience and support. We'll be back with more news as soon as we have it!

- The RuneScape Team

24th March | The Account Integrity Beta Continues!

Following on from the success of yesterday's Account Integrity Beta launch, the team are now extending invitations to a third wave of participants.

Invitations are being sent by email, so please check your inboxes to see if you've been invited to take part. Not seeing anything? The Beta will continue until Friday with further invitations expected to be sent out before its conclusion, so keep your eyes peeled for more news and opportunities.

Thank you all for your patience. We'd also like to extend additional thanks to all the amazing help and support Beta participants have shown so far. We look forward to sharing more news off the back of the Beta soon!

- The RuneScape Team

23rd March | Account Integrity Beta Launch

Hello everyone,

The Account Integrity Beta is now underway, and a select group of players are able to log in to a secure environment to help us assess the current restoration process.

Following on from the first wave of Account Integrity Beta invitations that we sent out yesterday, we're now sending out additional invitations as part of the second wave. Please check your emails to see if you've been invited to take part.

This is will be the second wave of invitations. Additional waves will be sent out at a later date, so check back soon for more news!

- The RuneScape Team

22nd March | Daily Update

Hello everyone,

We hope you've been well these past few days. Here's the latest on our efforts to get impacted players back in the game.

Account Integrity Beta

The Account Integrity Beta is on track and will begin tomorrow morning at 09:00 Game Time! We're going to be sending out access details to our first wave of testers shortly, with more test waves to be invited throughout the week. If you received an email on Friday, your account has been identified as a potential candidate to receive access - but it's not a guarantee. Keep an eye on that inbox!

Anyone invited will be asked to log in to a special Beta environment to examine their own account extensively and let us know how they feel about the quality of the restoration. We're hoping to see lots of positive feedback, but we do want to stress that we expect outliers - and anything we find, good or bad, will be used to benefit the telemetry translation quality for all players.

If you’re involved, here’s a big thank you in advance for taking part!

Restoration Progress

We’ve also been developing additional information gathering tools and massively speeding up our data regeneration processes. This will help us continue to make quicker refinements for all impacted accounts in case we have any improvements to make based on Beta feedback.

Game Updates

Last Friday evening, we made a change in our plans to release the Rex Matriarch combat content this week. This decision was based on the feedback from impacted and active players alike that we should avoid major content updates while the situation is ongoing. Shout-out to everyone who voiced your feelings on this one.

In Mod Warden's message about the change in direction, we also mentioned that we know that the delay of major game content releases should not come at the cost of any content plans for the year.

Currently, we have a Game Update in testing that does not include Rex Matriarchs but does include the Mod Pi-Mas combat improvements as well as our new Easter seasonal event. Since the Easter event is time-specific, we will be releasing this Game Update as planned next Monday.

If you're an impacted player and we don't have you back in game by the time the event starts, we’ll be sure to include any missed items in the welcome back package to make up for any lost time.

That's it from us today as we continue our final Beta preparations and begin the final stage before we restore all accounts. We'll keep you up to date on progress throughout the week. Thank you for your patience while we got to this crucial stage of the project.

- The RuneScape Team

19th March | Game Update Postponed

Hey 'Scapers,

Thanks to all of you who joined us for our stream and have been responding throughout this evening following the news of our decision to return major game content beginning on Monday.

We hear you. And that's why, as of tonight, we've pushed out our plans to bring back major content releases.

What we've seen tonight is a spirit among so many of you - impacted or not - that you want to stand shoulder to shoulder together with your fellow citizens and enjoy major content releases at the same time. I got this call wrong and thank you for letting us know how you feel.

However, reflecting on this situation, we also know it's important to the community that any decision to delay major game content releases does not come at the cost of any content plans for the year. This is a balance we'll be bearing in mind and we've seen some great suggestions from all of you on where we can potentially draw that line.

We don't have all the answers in the here and now - we just changed plans after all! - but we will at least hold the release of Rex Matriarchs until further notice. Thanks for all your passionate responses and we'll talk about this in more detail next week.

All the best,

Mod Warden

19th March | Livestream Recap

Hello everyone.

In case you missed today's livestream, we wanted to let you know about some of the bigger news we shared regarding our progress for the Login Lockout.

Before we go any further, we really can't stress enough just how much we continue to empathise with all who are impacted by this. This has been a longer process than we initially anticipated, and even when it feels like we're not updating you on progress, there's always a metric ton of work being done behind the scenes to get you playing again.

Thank you once again for bearing with us through this hugely complex process.

Account Integrity Beta

After a week of testing, learning, iterating and improving, we are now able to lock in the date for the start of the Account Integrity Beta: Tuesday, March 23rd.

This critical step is the culmination of everything we've been working towards this week, as real players check their own accounts to verify the quality of the restoration work.

In this Beta, a small number of impacted users will initially be invited to log-in to a Beta World and check over their account in detail, providing feedback via a survey. We'll be using this to guide any required fixes or refinements to our telemetry data translation before we then expand the pool to more players - and then repeat the process. The first set of invitation emails have just been released.

In order to gather the level of feedback we need, the Beta will last for four days - running from Tuesday, March 23rd until Friday, March 26th. Depending on the results and the feedback, this process may be extended. This does mean, unfortunately, we can confirm that accounts won't be returned to you next week as the team goes through these quality checks.

What We'll Do To Make This Right

We intend to provide all impacted players with a significant in-game gift package focused on helping you make up for lost time, while also recognising the incredible patience and fortitude you've all shown us. While we want to treat all players as equally as possible, we will of course be looking at any fringe cases accounts where we need to do more.

Essentially, if anything we do doesn't put the situation right for you, we'll have open support channels for you to talk directly to us.

We'll confirm all the details of our make-good plans in full once we have a confirmed return date for your accounts. All of this will be in addition to any actions we've already taken, like covering any membership or RuneMetrics subscriptions on impacted accounts for the next 31 days, and committing to an extension of events like Yak Track and Vic The Trader.

Return of Game Updates

Now that we've reached a point where all accounts are ready for validation and we're shifting to more of a testing phase, we can finally return some technical resource to the team without impacting the speed of our recovery efforts.

This means Game Updates will begin to return this Monday with the release of Rex Matriarchs!

We know plenty of you out there have been eagerly awaiting the return of our updates, and we've got some great content lined up in the weeks ahead.

To all our impacted players - please know that above all else, you remain our number one priority. We'll be mindful of any content launches you miss out on due to the Login Lockout, and we'll take that into account when we finally put things right wherever possible.

Thank you again to everyone reading this - we know it hasn't been easy, but we are getting closer to the end of this journey. With everyone heads down working over the weekend to get the Beta out on Tuesday, we don't expect to have any major updates to share over the next day or two, so you'll hear from us next on Monday as we prepare for the Beta launch.

Until then, take care.

- The RuneScape Team

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- The RuneScape Team

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