Lores and Histories

Those avid readers of the Postbag from the Hedge and the Lores and Histories will know that Reldo never ceases in his hunt for classic literature, informative texts and amusing tales, and now he's finished restoring a truly classic text dating from the last days of the Fourth Age.

The Excellent Log of the Journeys and Tribulations of Samuel Scourduel is the diary of an intrepid explorer from the days before exploration was common and is an interesting example of humankind's first encounters with some of the stranger inhabitants of RuneScape. It's a hefty tome, though, so Reldo has decided to build the anticipation by only releasing the first two of the four entries for now.

So, how did the gnomes react upon meeting a tall man from Varrock? Were the TzHaar shocked to discover that not all the beings on RuneScape were made of stone? Click here to find out more about the remarkable Samuel Scourduel.