Love Story

Love Story

Prepare to take your place at the Wise Old Manís side as he comes out of retirement to confront an extremely unpleasant figure from his past! If you can handle the combat, the puzzles, the vicious sarcasm and the romance, you could unlock some new Construction and Magic abilities for yourself.

The quest begins at a barn north-east of Draynor Village, where a damsel in distress is looking for an adventurer to help her. Sounds like a straightforward little quest, right? Before long youíll find yourself chipping teleport tablets, solving puzzles and entering a deadly battle where youíll be fighting not just for your life, but for the reputation of adventurers everywhere.

Itís time to discover whether the bank guard is coming down from his tree, what the Wise Old Man is planning for the Wizardsí Tower and what Traiborn means when he talks about thingummywuts.

Mod Ash
Senior RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Love Story:

Speak to Mabel at the barn north-east of Draynor Village, near the windmill.

Requirements to start Love Story:

Swan Song
Recipe for Disaster - Saving Sir Amik Varze
Level 77 Magic
Level 68 Construction
Level 68 Smithing
Level 67 Crafting

In other news...

As mentioned in this month's Behind the Scenes, weíve graphically updated some of the dragons in game. This includes, but is not excluded to, green, blue, red and black dragons (including baby variants), plus bronze, iron, steel and mithril dragons. Check them out if you can handle the heat!

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