Loyalty Programme - Batch 3

Today sees the release of our first tier 4 aura, a range of new combat auras with some amazing visual effects, and some excellent choices for those pursuing a peaceful path. There’s something to suit every loyalty point balance so, if you haven’t already, sign up to our Members Loyalty Programme now!


First up is our first tier 4 aura: Aegis. It’s our priciest aura at 84,000 points, but it’s accordingly powerful, reducing damage taken by a percentage based upon your Defence level. The Aegis effect lasts for 30 minutes, or until it has absorbed an amount of damage also determined by your Defence level.This affects all damage types and stacks with armour, making you a burly bastion of resilience in the hairiest of combat situations.

The Salvation and Corruption auras both offer increased Prayer XP and a means of prayer point recovery. While the effects of these auras are identical, visually they’re very different, bestowing you with angelic or demonic wings depending on your chosen version.

The Ancestor Spirit aura gives you a chance that, when you’re struck in combat, the ghostly forms of your forebears will return to wreak vengeance upon your assailant with a retaliatory attack. This works in both PvP and PvE.

The Dark Magic aura is sure to become a favourite among magic-users everywhere, as it has a chance to add an additional damage-over-time effect to any direct-damage spell. Again, this works in PvP and PvE.

Fight fans will also enjoy the Berserker aura which gives an Attack and Strength boost for a short time, and the Regeneration aura, which increases life point regeneration.

There are some new options for skillers, too: There’s an all-new Greenfingers aura for farmers, which prevents crops from becoming diseased and gives a percentage chance for increased crop yield. Hunters among you will enjoy the Tracker aura, which increases your chance of successfully trapping hunting targets.

On top of all this, we’ve added new tiers to many of the auras already available, including Knock-Out, Call of the Sea, Five-Finger Discount, and many more.

Click here for full details of available auras, including durations, cooldowns and loyalty point costs.


There are now eight new emotes to choose from, at a range of loyalty point prices to suit everyone. Ever felt the need to express your irrepressible mirth by rising on the seismic tide of a Lolcano? Perhaps, instead, you’d prefer to crescendo malevolently into an Evil Laugh. These, and more, are now available from Xuan’s store.

...And Much More!

There are four exotic new costumes available, each in a range of colours. Whether you’re looking to style yourself as a Colonist, an Aztec, a Musketeer or a Highlander, there’s a choice for every fancy-dress party or period re-enactment. Feel free to visit our costumes page for a preview before you choose!

We’ve added some new titles too, including Prince/Princess, Archon and The Awesome.

Finally, there are several new re-colouring options, as well as the option to change the transformation bestowed by the ring of stone.

Full details of the rewards offered as part of the Loyalty Programme can be found here.


There’s little that can’t be accomplished with some hard capital and a sturdy set of tools, and with this foundation in mind we’ve introduced some much-requested usability improvements in the Money Pouch and Tool Belt.

At the bottom of the mini-map interface, you’ll notice a small icon depicting a pile of coins. From now on, coins can be stored here rather than in your inventory, if you would prefer. You can right-click coins to add them to the money pouch from your inventory. Remember that coins are safe from being dropped on death unless they are in your inventory when you die in the Wilderness.

The tool belt icon can be found in the bottom right of your equipped inventory interface. Most tools can be added to this belt, so they can be used whenever you need them without taking up inventory space.

To add a tool to the belt, right-click on it from your inventory. For certain tools, such as pickaxes and hatchets, only a bronze item can be stored. While the tool belt won’t replace your shiny dragon gear, it is great for performing varied skilling tasks on the fly. We’ll be adding functionality to this in the future, including support for Dungeoneering.

Last, but not least, we’ve given all members 30 extra bank spaces!

Mod Raven, Mod Avatar & Mod Srowley

In Other News...

  • The Thanksgiving event has now ended and is no longer accessible in-game.
  • The armour from the new Polypore Dungeon now lasts about 3x longer before degrading; to balance this, the slash defence of the ganodermic poncho has been reduced. The polypore staff and stick have had their melee stats removed, so they no longer have an Attack requirement.
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