Lunar Diplomacy

This week we bring you an epic quest of gargantuan proportions!

In the distant lands of the north-west, a mysterious clan has been living far away from the other inhabitants of RuneScape. Frequent travellers to the Fremennik lands might recognize their name... They're the mysterious Moon Clan; a magical race that use their unbelievable grasp of the mystical arts in everyday activities. If it can be done using magic, the Moon Clan know a way! Daily tasks such as travelling to distant lands, tending to plants and baking pies are all much more fun when you can sit back while magic does all the work for you!

Be prepared to explore a huge island of activities, visit your own dreams, conquer magical monsters, find another source of rune essence, unlock a whole new type of rune, be given a spell book of unique and exciting spells, gain experience in magic and Runecrafting, wear special Lunar clothes, discover a new type of staff, play a variety of mini-games and so much more you may never want to leave the island of all things magical!

What would cause you to visit such an island (other than the superb treats on offer)? Well, the Moon Clan are the not too distant cousins of the Fremenniks - a race whose distaste for magic is well known. Despite their linked bloodlines, they've been in vicious conflict since before anyone can remember. It must be time for an adventurer to brave this world of magic and bring back the hope of a peace by conducting some Lunar Diplomacy... all the while sailing on a boat full of Fremennik pirates! Arrrr, that it be!

So, go and visit Lunar Isle today by chatting to the crew of the Lady Zay, the largest ship yet to grace the Rellekkan Seas.

It's magic.

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