Machinima Tool – The Orb of Oculus

As discussed in the recent blog, the Orb of Oculus is a new item, available to all players from Faruq in Al Kharid, which should help budding RuneScape filmmakers to more easily set up shots for their videos. Held in the hands, it gives you more control over the in-game camera, allowing you (or a friend) to act as a cameraman and set up shots for you to then capture with your preferred video capture software.

The hope is that it will make things easier for any players who enjoy making RuneScape videos, and encourage a wider number of players to enter our imminent machinima competition. So, if you’ve ever wanted to make a video of someone taking on the KBD with a bronze dagger (or joke about what you might do should you ever meet Jagex’s CEO...), then the Orb of Oculus should help you to realise your vision.

Although the orb’s primary function is to help make things a bit easier for budding filmmakers, we also fully expect it to be put to other, equally inventive uses, much like Faruq’s other 'emergent gameplay' tools for games.

Mod Fnord
RuneScape Content Developer

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