Mad May Rewards & Cryptic Clue Fest

Mad May Rewards & Cryptic Clue Fest

As promised in our original Mad May news post, players who kept their membership subscription active throughout the month of May will soon find that they have two exclusive rewards waiting for them.

First of all there’s the XP-boosting “Mad Necklace”. Whenever equipped, the Mad Necklace will double any XP you earn in any skills you choose to train, up to a total of 250,000 bonus XP. Its magical properties have even been deemed safe for use in the dungeons of Daemonheim, so there’s no fear of a Fremennik warrior confiscating it while you’re working on your Dungeoneering. Eligible players will be prompted to collect their item from Diango’s stall in Draynor when they next log in!

Please note the list of eligible players is still being processed and should be completed within the next few hours.

Secondly, those same eligible players will find that an extra 5000 Loyalty Points have been added to their existing points balance. Whether you’re planning on saving them up or spending them all at once, make sure you pay Xuan’s Loyalty Shop a visit in Burthorpe or Varrock so that you can behold all of the amazing auras, emotes and costumes on offer.

Our other big news is that both members and free-to-play players can now begin this year’s Cryptic Clue Fest event, which launches today!

Players may have already run into the poor, problem-stricken Essjay amid the Jubilee celebrations in Varrock, but up until now they won’t have had a clue (haha!) on how to help her. Thankfully, she has laid out her plight by way of a letter, posted on our official forums. You can check out her story – along with instructions on how to get started – by visiting the Cryptic Clue Fest 2012 thread. There are some cool cosmetic items waiting for those who solve the clues over the next five days, so stay sharp, stay determined and get cracking!

The RuneScape Team

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