Mage Training Arena

Far too many incidents have been brought to light of inexperienced wizards causing some pretty horrific accidents (and we use the word 'accident' very lightly).

So whether you're a mage of experience or you're someone in need of a little training, you'll want to travel north of the Duel Arena to find a grand building of magical design: The Mage Training Arena! In this building, the magical powers of RuneScape seem to have a mind of their own, so you'll find some very unique ways to practice the art of magic whilst collecting points to trade for prizes. Shazzam! There's a great deal on offer: you can have a go at moving statues around mazes with the power of your mind, or perhaps you'd like to try hunting for items to practice the art of alchemy. Or maybe you'd rather live dangerously and try your hand at frantically turning bones to bananas just to stay alive? It's your choice.

If you train long and hard enough, you could be the proud owner of some funky new robes! Trust us - wearing these, you will not go unnoticed as you strut your stuff around the dunes of Al Kharid. There's also the chance to look into upgradable wands and maybe even a new spell...

Intrigued? Why not take a visit and train to become a mage of irrefutable power...

...or at least put an end to those horrific accidents.

Your guide for the arena awaits you in the entrance hall.

Please note that the Xmas update has been removed today.

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