Magic and Wilderness Updates

New Teleother Spells

High-level Mages now have the ability to teleport other players to Lumbridge, Falador and Camelot.

These spells open an interface for the recipient with information on where the teleport is to and even who cast it. Naturally you may not want random people offering to teleport you around the world, so we've added an "Accept Aid" option to the in-game menus.

This option defaults to "no", which means you won't receive any teleport offers. You can change this very easily in the options menu in the game (click on the spanner icon).

New Teleport Block Spell

We've also added a new Teleport Block spell to the high level Mage's arsenal. This spell will prevent the target player from using any teleports for 5 minutes. This includes teleport spells, magic levers, and teleporting jewellery.

Just like the Bind spells there is a cool-down period afterwards during which the target will be immune to the spell, lasting for 1 minute after the Teleport Block has worn off. Obviously this spell can only be cast on other players, and it can only be cast in the Wilderness.

We have changed the ladder to the Mage Arena bank area in the deep Wilderness. It is now a lever rather than a ladder. This means it is another thing you will not be able to use if you have had a teleport block spell cast on you.

Wilderness changes

Now that the Wilderness is slightly more dangerous we have had to reconsider one or two features which were intended for mid-level players and which were unique to the wilderness:

  • Merlin's Crystal is only an intermediate quest, yet it sent you to a multi-way combat zone in the Wilderness. You now need to go to a different chaos altar.
  • We have removed some of the gates in the Edgeville wilderness dungeon to aid the escape of players from that area.
  • There was one medium level clue which sent you into the Wilderness. This now sends you elsewhere. All the high level Wilderness clues remain unchanged.
  • There are still plenty of unique features for higher level players in the Wilderness.

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