Magic Carpet Ride

Great news for the desert economy as stocks in kebabs, camels and sand soared due to today's announcement by Ali Morrisane of a new runestone-free rapid transport system for the Kharidian desert. This lays to rest the speculation that had been mounting recently about magic carpets, something not seen in these parts since the great carpet crash of '76*, making their way back into mainstream desert life.

A spokesgnome from Gnome-Air, previously RuneScape's only airline, was sceptical of Mr Morrisane's latest venture. "It will never take off." was the response by the airline's P.R. executive when questioned about the enterprise.

Mr Morrisane announced that, once the carpets are fully operational, 7 routes will be available to customers, with Pollnivneach and the Shantay Pass acting as travel hubs.

Entrepreneurs throughout the region are rubbing their hands in the expectation of a bumper week of trade, as experts have predicted a large stream of adventurers and tourists visiting the area in order to investigate these magic carpets.

In Other News

The inventory images of trimmed body armour have been tweaked slightly so as to match the worn models.

We've improved the part of the Tree Gnome Village quest where you use the ballista to breach the Khazard stronghold, so if you're guiding a friend through the quest, please be aware that this section has changed.

It will no longer be possible to take Rogue armour to places where armour is restricted, such as Entrana.

Players may now hand the ogre composite bow to Rantz for him to check the number of chompy birds you've killed. Previously he would only do this if you handed him the standard ogre bow used in the Big Chompybird Hunting quest.

* The Great carpet crash of '76:
The grand Sultan of Al Kharid tragically died after he mistook a doormat for his racing rug and plummeted to his death when he jumped off an upper tower of the palace. This led to concerned citizens demanding a halt to all carpet travel, something that occurred but was never written down as law.

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