Massive minigame - Fight Pits

Beneath the Karamja volcano there lies a hidden city, inhabited by strange mysterious creatures known as TzHaar.

While they're normally secretive creatures they have decided, for reasons best known to themselves, to open up part of their city to outsiders. Dare you take on the might of the TzHaar Fight Pits?

Access to this area can be found via the Karamja volcano dungeon.

This new underground city includes:

  • 2 brand new map squares featuring some of the greatest graphics ever released into the game
  • 7 new monster types
  • 7 new pieces of combat equipment (above rune level) for all 3 of the combat types
  • A bank and new shops
  • A new minigame, the TzHaar Fight Pit.

The TzHaar Fight Pit

Following the success of our Castle Wars update last year, we have decided to make another player versus player combat minigame. To give players more variety, this is a somewhat different formula to Castlewars, with less focus on the team tactics and more on the me versus the world style of gameplay. The objective in the pit is simple Kill or be killed. Last one standing wins. If death does not flow freely enough for your TzHaar spectators they will hurry things along, so dont spend too much time guarding your friends - eventually youll find they turn on you or face the wrath of the TzHaar.

Although dying in the city itself will still mean normal death, dying in the fight pits themselves is exactly the same as dying in Castle Wars (no item loss and no deathtrip to Lumbridge), so you have no excuse not to visit! Try out the fight pits today!

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