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With only a few weeks to go until MCM London, we can now reveal a bit more information about what you can expect to see on the RuneScape stand!

The first thing you will notice about the RuneScape stand is that we have a very central location – so there is no excuse not to stop by and say hi! The stand will be staffed all weekend by J-Mods ready to chat to you, whether you are an experienced RuneScape vet, new to the game, or just interested in finding out a bit more about the team behind the world’s largest free MMO.

Throughout the weekend we will have a RuneScape artist on hand working on beautiful concepts, and they will be more than happy to sign prints of their work which will be for sale on the stand.

We’ll also be showcasing RuneScape on large screens – mixing it up between RuneScape videos, live concept artist work and ‘Scapers playing live at the event. The main area of the stand will be dedicated to the most important thing – playing RuneScape! Take a few minutes out from the hustle and bustle of the event by sitting down with us and playing a little RuneScape. You never know - a friendly J-Mod may even look over your shoulder and offer some top tips!

MCM is a massive CosPlay event, so we’ll also be on the look-out for people in RuneScape costumes Anyone showing up at the stand in costume is certain of a freebie , and if you really impress us we’ll dig deep and give you something pretty special!

If all that wasn’t enough, remember that RuneScape will also be on the special panels running on the Sunday. The panel team will be in the spotlight at 11am and they will be encouraging the audience to become part of RuneScape history and make crowd sounds that we plan to feature in the game later this year.

Since announcing that we would be at MCM we’ve received a huge number of enquiries to our MCM mail box asking for details of the special deals that we will be offering at the show. We can now confirm that we’ll have deluxe membership packs on sale at special MCM prices.

We’ll only be able to accept payments in cash or by major credit card (excluding American Express) for these bargain packs, so come prepared if you want to bag one of these special deals:

Starter Pack (£5)

  • 1 month RuneScape Membership
  • 1 Vanity Item: Green Skin
  • 10 Spins on the Squeal of Fortune
  • 10% XP boost for 24 hours of game time
  • Discount on Concept Art from us at MCM

Premium Pack (£20)

  • 3 months RuneScape Membership
  • 2 Vanity Items: Green Skin and Ornate Katana
  • 25 Spins on the Squeal of Fortune
  • 10% XP Boost for 3 days of game time
  • Discount on Concept Art from us at MCM

Deluxe Pack (£50)

  • 6 months RuneScape Membership
  • 4 Vanity Items: Green Skin, Ornate Katana, Turkey Hat and Ice Mask
  • 10% XP Boost for 7 days of game time
  • 75 Spins on the Squeal of Fortune
  • A Limited Edition RuneScape MCM T-Shirt
  • Exclusive Concept Art

Oh, and one more thing: Mod Mark, RuneScape’s Lead Designer, will be popping by the stand on Saturday. He loves nothing more than to talk RuneScape, so if you want to know why cabbages are so large, how long it takes to make an update or just to ask some other burning question, Mod Mark is the man.

So, we hope you agree that MCM is shaping up to be a must see event. Don’t forget that we are offering 2 ways for you to obtain free tickets in our MCM exclusive competitions: MCM Ticket Challenge and MCM Costume Competition. Both competitions close on the 13th of May, so get your entries in now!

See you at MCM!

The RuneScape Team

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