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Meet 0.1% of our YouTube Subscriber Community - News - RuneScape - RuneScape

Meet 0.1% of our YouTube Subscriber Community

We recently hit 100k subscribers on our YouTube channel and, to celebrate, we asked the community to stand up and be counted in a special 100k video.

If you want to put faces to names, like people-watching, or just want to guess how many J-Mods weve hidden in the video, you can check out 0.1% of our entire YouTube community right now:

Wed like to say a huge thanks to everyone who took part, and also sorry to those of you who sent videos that didnt appear in the finished vid. So many more of you took part that we ever imagined that we simply couldnt fit them all in without having a video over 2 hours long.

Three entrants will be hearing from us very shortly just as soon as weve been able to steal something amazing from under Mod Nexuss desk. Wish us luck!

Finally, if youve not yet subscribed to our channel, wed love you to ( Were getting close to 10 million upload views and, with your help, well surely be celebrating that milestone very soon.

Mod Paul M

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