Meet the Ninja Team PAG

Meet the Ninja Team PAG

Ninja: Recon PAG – What’s the Situation?

A few weeks ago we introduced Player Advocacy Groups, a new system where we’ll access the deep knowledge, insights, and perspective offered by our most committed adventurers and use it to improve the game. We kicked things off with the Ninja: Recon PAG, which will work hand-in-hand with the Dojo to identify the best target for future Ninja Team strikes.

Our first PAG Champ, TheRSGuy, has been hard at work recruiting a crack team of super-players for the group. The final selections have been made - so let’s go say hi!

Meet The PAG!

The RS Guy (PAG Champ)

Clan leader, top 1000 ranked Hardcore Ironman, two-times Golden Gnome award winner in the Best Streamer category… The RS Guy has many accolades, and the latest one is ‘Head of the First-ever RuneScape PAG’.

A 15-year RuneScape Veteran who has spent much of the last seven years making guides and tutorials that have helped hundreds of thousands of players get started with PvM, the RS Guy has also written over 50,000 words of personalized PvM feedback to members of his community, and spent over 100 hours running teaching sessions at both Raids and Solak.

The RS Guy might focus on newer players, but he’s anything but a newb himself. He’s a former world record holder and one of the only players to defeat duo hardmode Vorago, solo Beastmaster Durzag, solo Solak, and 2000% enrage Telos. That last one was done without food!

Night Eyes

An 11-Year RuneScape Veteran, Night Eyes is the owner of the Rockman Discord, which focuses on learning the Vorago boss fight. A multi-world record holder (0.6 seconds trio Astellarn, 58 seconds trio Ambassador), Night Eyes’ knowledge of the combat system is among the best in the game.

Night Eyes plays the game at a high level but spends much of his time working with less experienced players, helping them elevate their game and accomplish their goals. He also wrote a 53-page Vorago Guide, which has been referenced by hundreds of players.

Shadofox / Shadokat

If you’ve used a calculator on the RuneScape wiki, then you’re already familiar with Shadofox’s work. His knowledge of the Invention skill is second to none, and his contributions to the RuneScape wiki are read by thousands of players every single day.

He primarily plays his Ironman account (rank 128) and will be able to contribute a great deal to skilling, Ironman, and combat related subjects.


With over 9000 Clue Scrolls completed, this 15-year RuneScape veteran will serve as the resident clue expert on the PAG team. MrDumbledore holds the record for fastest un-boosted Elite Clue solve (1:17) and is the owner of the biggest Treasure Trails clan in Runescape, the Clue Chasers.

Lars deLux

An achievement hunter from the very beginning, Lars obtained the Max and Completionist Capes in 2011 and acquired Trimmed in 2014. He helped Divinationx attain victory in the 2011 Clan Skilling Cup and brought his A-Game as leader of Divine Skillers in the 2012 contest.

Lars holds a leadership position in both the Achievement Help and EDTeams communities. Having achieved max RuneScore on several occasions, Lars has completed almost every achievement in the game and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.


Rrman is one of the oldest and most respected Ironmen in the game. He made his account on the very same day Ironman mode launched and has been near the top of the pack ever since. He had a top 50 ranked Hardcore Ironman until January 2016 and was the 24th Ironman to achieve the Trimmed Completionist Cape. Presently, he is in the top 100 on the Ironman HiScores, and in the top 5 for RuneScore.


When it comes to Skilling and Achievements, Lwut knows his stuff. A 13-year RuneScape veteran, he has achieved the Final Boss and Master of All titles, as well as the Trimmed Completionist Cape and Master Quest Cape. He has completed every skill in the game to 200 million experience and is rank 93 on the overall hiscores. As a former council member in the Achievement Help community, his knowledge and experience of working with others will make him a valued member of the team.

Hoobs and Wh

Hoobs and Wh are co-owners of the incredible PvM Encyclopedia, a community with over 14,000 members that strives to provide up to date, accessible PvM information to all players. The pair have helped maintain guides for every single boss in the game.

Hoobs is a former world record holder for duo Nex and Wh is an ex-warbands PvPer with 1246 kills. This duo are expert PvMers and will be able to provide critical insight into that aspect of the game.

The First Ninja PAG Meeting

Last week we brought all those incredible players together for our very first PAG meeting. We’re happy to report that it went well! After a round of introductions and some clarifications on some of the paperwork, we were able to cover 26 different submissions, 18 of which were within the Ninja Team scope. Eight were forwarded on to other teams for investigation and another eight were identified for further elaboration. None of the submissions were deemed outside of the Ninja Team’s remit – so good work, scouts!

We’re happy with the how the project is going so far but will continue to collect feedback throughout this initial run. The PAG completes on May 15th, and we’ll be releasing a full retrospective shortly after. Keep your eyes peeled!

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