Meeting History

Meeting History

Having helped Jorral in Making History, it's time to pay him another visit in Meeting History. He's been busy digging around old and dusty manuscripts and has come across a set of interesting notes about the Enchanted Key; so, with the 'hot and cold' key in hand, get ready to discover another of its bizarre abilities! You can guarantee that it'll give you a greater insight into the past of RuneScape.

Many questions will be answered as part of this sequel to Making History.


Where to start Meeting History:

Speak to Jorral in the Outpost, north-west of West Ardougne.

Requirements to complete Meeting History:

Making History
Druidic Ritual

Access to:

A new area to explore
The chance to understand more of RuneScape's early history

In other news...

Our Graphics team has been busily fixing bugs again, including the following:

  • The Grim Reaper hood from 2007's Hallowe'en event was causing your head to disconnect from your neck
  • The Amulet of Fury was looking different depending on whether you were male or female
  • Armoured skirts were stretching if you used the bone crossbow
  • The Wilderness Agility Course stepping stones weren't very well aligned with their lava pit.
  • The roof in the Burgh de Rott shop wasn't disappearing, even if your Graphics Options said it should.

We've also adjusted Commander Zilyana's behaviour in the God Wars Dungeon, so she's less inclined to wander aimlessly in the middle of the room while people shoot her from the edges.

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