Members’ Loyalty Programme – The New Batch

Loyalty comes with a reward this week, as we unveil the latest batch of Members Loyalty Programme items! So, if you are yet to sign up to the programme, please click here or visit the RuneScape homepage (select "Members Loyalty Programme" from the Account drop-down menu).

There is something for everyone with this fresh batch, and the auras are no exception. We can proudly reveal the upgraded auras, which improve the abilities of auras that you may have purchased from the first batch. Got a Sharpshooter aura? Purchase a Greater Sharpshooter aura, and your ranged accuracy bonus increases from 3% to 5%. The majority of existing auras are now available to upgrade (you will need to purchase the original aura before you can buy the upgraded one). We’ve even taken the opportunity to revise the Poison Purge aura, which heals you when you get poisoned, rather than preventing the damage.

It’s also clear, from the auras you’re using, that combat auras are a firm favourite, so we’ve obliged with a few more. Equilibrium reduces your max hit by 25% but increases your min hit by the same amount; Inspiration refills your special attack bar with each successful hit; Vampirism converts a portion of the damage you deal into life points; and Penance refills prayer points whenever you’re damaged.

If combat’s not your (punch)bag, then there are five skill-based auras available. There’s the Resourceful aura which, when you would normally deplete a woodcutting or mining resource, will instead offer a 10% chance that it will not deplete. Thieving gets the Five Finger Discount aura; Mining gets the Quarrymaster aura; and Lumberjack is – unsurprisingly – the Woodcutting aura. Finally, the Wisdom aura is for the big spenders; it may cost an eye-watering 40,000 loyalty points, but it increases all experience gained by 2.5% for 30 minutes every 24 hours.

For information on new and existing auras, click here.

Beyond the auras are four new costume types. Theatrical gear, pharaoh outfits, cheongsams or changshans (depending on gender), and silken outfits are available as sets to purchase. We also offer the ability to purchase recolours of your gnome scarves, lunar equipment and staves of light. Emote fiends can select from six new ones, with a personal favourite being Disappear, which makes you feel like a ninja.

For information on new outfits, recolour options and emotes click here.

There are two discounts available for a limited time, so opportunists should grab the half-price Saxon outfit and Eastern outfit. While you’re there, you’ll likely notice the revised Members’ Loyalty Programme store, which gives you an attractive and intuitive layout from which you can make your purchases.

As has been mentioned previously, the number of loyalty points you receive per month will increase, depending on how many consecutive months of membership you have had without a break. Further details of how this works can be found in the Loyalty Programme FAQ.

Mod Rathe
RuneScape Content Developer

In other news...

It seems Xuan’s store has been successful, as another one has popped up in Varrock! Travel to Varrock Square to browse at your convenience from our second Loyalty Store.

You may notice some changes to your emotes interface, as well as certain Clan Citadel interfaces this week. This is to prepare for clans who are reaching Tier 5 of their Citadels very soon. At Tier 5, clans will be able to get access to the Clan Theatre, which comes with a number of emotes that you can view early from the emote interface.

The Head Guard in a clan citadel can now be used as a banker, and the box of capes next to the Battlemaster now works as a bank chest. Activities such Fletching and alchemy are no longer prevented in citadels.

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