Members Questing Weekend!

It's back! The wildly popular Members Questing Weekend is here again and we're calling all members to grab their quest journals and get ready to fill them up!

The Questing Weekends are an ideal way for you to team up with others to complete quests you've previously been unable to do, or for those experienced in the way of the quest cape to spread their vast quest wisdom. Taking part could not be simpler - you just log in this weekend and either join our dedicated friends chat or head to Varrock square on World 100 to see who's there!

You can take on any quests you like, from the easily accessible Blood Pact through to Grandmaster challenges like Nomad's Requiem. Whatever you fancy trying to complete, we are sure there will be others eager to join in.

The event runs all this weekend, starting at 10.30am BST on Saturday. Check out our dedicated forum thread for more details!

Mod Crow & Mod Kathy
RuneScape Events Team

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