Minigame Grouping

Minigame Grouping

Today brings another round of updates from Poll #14, featuring the Minigame Group Finder, the Zamorakian Hasta & Smith-X.

The Minigame Group Finder panel can be found under the Quest Interface. Select your minigame from the drop down menu and you will be entered into a chat channel to help you find other players. Sadly RuneScape can't put you in two chat channels at the same time, so this will automatically remove you from any channel you were previously in.
The Group Finder can also Teleport you to minigame locations provided you meet requirements for each minigame. This Teleport has a 20 minute cool down and can not be cast from PVP Worlds, The Wilderness or the Duel Arena.

Zamorakian Hasta - Otto Godblessed has been studying the Zamorakian Spear and can convert it into a one-handed tradeable Hasta for you, for a fee of 300k. In order to wield a Hasta, Otto must have taught you how to make one, however he will convert the items for you even if you don't meet this requirement. Otto will also offer to convert all your spears at once, and will convert your Hastae back into Spears at no charge.

Alchemy Values of the Armadyl Crossbow & Armadyl Armour have been increased to protect on death over Crystal & Barrows Equipment. If you like we can poll doing this for Bandos Armour too.

In other news...

  • The Bolt Pouch will now store Broad Bolts.
  • Two Spade spawns have been added to the building by the entrance to the Barrows.
  • The Archaeological Expert at the Digsite will now identify all of your Unidentified Liquid at once, provided you have completed The Digsite quest.
  • A Bank Chest has been added to the Blast Furnace room.
  • A Fruit Tree Patch has been added to Lletya with some new residents to look after it.
  • The Smithing Menu now offers a Make-X option.
  • The Christmas Event and decorations have now been removed. The Reindeer hat still has a chance of generating snow when performing the emote, allowing snowballs to remain available.
  • A small hill forming at Seers Village has been flattened.

Mod Reach has started working on the new Castle Wars rewards with Mod Ash turning his attention to the orbs. Mod Mat K will have a new Dev Blog for you soon with ideas for Wilderness Updates so keep an eye out for that too.

Tune in to our first Q&A livestream of 2014 tonight at 5pm GMT.

Please come over to the forums to discuss the update.

Mods Ash, John C, Mat K & Reach
The Old School RuneScape Team