Mining and Smithing Beta

Ready your pickaxes and brush off your anvils! At long last it’s time to forge onwards with another Mining & Smithing Beta hands-on, ahead of the full rollout in the near future. This has been one of the most requested updates for the game for some time, and to reflect this we’ve also taken our time to try and ensure it delivers the kind of improvements our wonderful players deserve.

This new Beta will be open to everyone and will run from November 13th to November 27th.


Once the Beta is live, simply click here and log into your RuneScape account to get involved.


Here’s a few specific details about what to expect:

  • No depletion of materials
  • Ability to mine AFK (although you’ll be rewarded for paying attention)
  • New ore bank for storage
  • Four new tiers of ore spanning 60-90
  • Smithing
  • The ability to smith from a new metal bank
  • Additional mechanics to reward those who pay attention
  • Better XP thanks to new upgrading and armour burial processes
  • Make masterwork and trimmed masterwork armour which, if you’re not aware, is the best melee armour in the game!
  • Four new tiers of metal spanning 60-90
  • PvM
  • Ore, bars and metal equipment replaced on drop tables with new stone spirit and salvage items
  • Spring cleaner has been improved
  • Those of you wanting a more comprehensive run-down of what else the Beta has to offer can find out more here.

    And Gold Premier Club members – do remember to check in the Grand Exchange for your new Mining & Smithing chest!

    We’re really keen for our players to get their hands on the beta and do let us know how you get on. Please click here to leave us some feedback on the M&S Beta forums, or if you encounter a bug then please head over here and let us know.

    The RuneScape team

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